”Dao Xuan Chin” International Art Festival

”Dao Xuan Chin” International Art Festival

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23 and 24 Mar 2019
Gam Troi Valley, Lam Son, Hoa Binh

From the organizer:

The Gamtroi Team are overjoyed to present to you the Dao Xuan Chin International Arts Festival and therefore would like to cordially invite all of the world’s beautiful human beings to a gathering that will go down in history.

Where is it?

This FREE gathering of art, music, nature and love and will be held at the unique, diverse yet tranquil valley of Gam Troi nestled perfectly in Lam Son, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam.

The valley is a divine spectacle of nature in all it’s forms with streams, mountains and waterfalls entangled in art and sculptures created by Vietnam’s internationally acclaimed art icon ‘Dao Anh Khanh’.

This place like no other is only 50km from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam with multiple options for ease of transportation.

What is happening?

The Dao Xuan family are bringing in some of the finest talent in the world of art and music with currently over 200 artists and 300 performers who will be showcasing their imagination and creativity. The event will last for 24 hours with a progressive story told by Dao Anh Khanh and his team titled ‘Peak of Life’.

This one of a kind mass installation will include over 200 dancers and actors bringing the art to life by creating a visual orgasm of light, sound and movement.

When all of these things come together, we will have created Vietnam’s biggest nature and art stage!

23 and 24 Mar 2019

We are an expanding team of individuals who are passionate about bringing people together through art and music.

We have a wealth of experience running festivals, speak multiple languages and want to put our love and energy into something special for you.


The 100% not-for-profit ethos is about showcasing artists talent in all forms and money earnt from sponsorship and items sold will go directly to paying for artist and festival staff costs.

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