Tết Stories – Customs and Avoidances

Tết Stories – Customs and Avoidances

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Tue 22 Jan 2019, 7 pm
2nd floor, No. 5 Dinh Le, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

From the organizer:

“Tết Stories – Customs and Taboos” is the one of many events in the Vietnamese Language and Culture series. This event aims to help foreigners living in Vietnam interested in Vietnam to understand more about Vietnamese customs and habits during Tet Holiday. This is also a chance for everyone to meet and explore the differences and similarities in cultures and languages.

The preparation process for Tet Holiday often begins months before it actually arrives. And whether choosing a traditional way or a more modern way to enjoy Tet, Vietnamese people still cherish the “rituals”, the habits of Tet, and New Year still come in people’s hearts.

Each ethnic group has their own “cultural roots” or “cultural archetypes”. The stories about the origins of Tet will be a long discussion about spirituality and culture, the past and the present. The stories of the Lunar New Year have changed a lot in history but they are always full of inspiration. In this fast-paced, constantly changing modern age, the bond that binds and connects people is not the conspicuous criteria such as territory, language, or economy but something more abstract, more spiritual – the shared experiences. When we cheer on our football team together, read a Vietnamese newspaper together, and more importantly, when we celebrate Tet together… we are one as a people. And when we sit together, in the same space, with these stories, we will also share the same exciting experiences.

1. Introduction about Tet Holiday
2. Tet Holiday activities
3. Taboos during Tet Holiday
4. Calligraphy session (calligraphy experts Mr. Duy will demonstrate by writing traditional Vietnamese calligraphic characters)

Invitees: Foreigners in Vietnam
Guest Speakers: Researcher Le Phuong Duy; Hoang Tuyet Mai

1. Vietnamese Markets
2. Vietnamese Dining Customs
3. Vietnamese Traffic
4. Vietnamese Money Usage
5. Vietnamese Family Manner

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