Exhibition “Em chao cac bac” by Doan Xuan Tung and Nguyen Nghia...

Exhibition “Em chao cac bac” by Doan Xuan Tung and Nguyen Nghia Cuong

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Opening: Wed 20 Feb 2019, 5 pm
Exhibition: 20 Feb – 12 Mar 2019, 9 am – 12 pm and 1.30 – 5 pm
VICAS Art Studio
32 Hao Nam Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Moving to the city, or as it is often said in Vietnam: “a countryman travelling to the big city”, has been an everlasting issue that takes place everywhere, not only in Vietnam. Big cities have always been an attraction to youngsters from rural areas because of the development opportunities, convenience and flashy lifestyle. There is no one that has not had dreamed of success, a high social position, beautiful women, modern houses, luxury cars, high-end restaurants and services that only big cities can offer. Yet reality has not always been what they expect, because most of the time what you can have depends on your social and economic position.

On the one hand, although they always try to work hard, most of the youngsters travelling to big cities are only able to make ends meet. Because of their low social/economic positions (newspaper-sellers, hawkers, workers, poor office staff, poor painters,…), they can only afford products and services at low prices with so-so quality…. On the other hand, because they still keep their countryside lifestyle when moving to cities, it is hard for them to adjust with the new environment, which often results in them feeling lost and inferior to others.

From another point of view, lots of people who have been living in cities for a long time wish for a slower, fresher and more humanity of life.

These two dimensions (City and Countryside) will be featured in this exhibition by two contemporary artists:

1. Doan Xuan Tung, a young countryside man who has been living in Hanoi for a while. His paintings reflect the expectations and the not-so-romantic realities of poor and low-status labor workers. His works present images of their temporary and messy places of inhabitant (through the images of toilets, dirty washbasins), crowded buses, fatigue when taking on public buses, the common mentality of countryside people when living in big cities (timidity, inferiority,…) and their dreams about beautiful women in town as well.

2. Nguyen Nghia Cuong, no longer a young artist, has spent many hard years in the city, now decided to return to his home village. His paintings reflect his love for the city but not the regret for the glamorous life there, they instead confirm his choice of coming back countryside as a good choice. He sees romance in the country’s lifestyle and expresses a rather sarcastic attitude toward reality in big cities.

Two artists, two different artistic styles, will let viewers face questions about modern life in big cities. And each of us, depending on our experiences and our economic and social positions, will have our own thoughts and contemplation after seeing their work. There is no common answer for everyone. Some would still be longing and striving for a desirable life in big cities, and they will say: “Hello! I’m coming to you”. But at the same time some others will say: “Farewell, I’m leaving you now!”

Bui Quang Thang, Artistic Director, VICAS ART STUDIO

Free entry

VICAS Art Studio
32 Hao Nam Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 9 am – 12 pm and 1.30 – 5 pm, Monday – Sunday


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