Music from Shy & Sophisticated Souls

Music from Shy & Sophisticated Souls

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Sat 23 Feb 2018, 9 – 11 pm
Hanoi Rock City
27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From Hanoi Grapevine:

Music from shy & sophisticated souls – a Hanoi Grapevine show.

Let’s save the date for an ethereal and vibrant evening featuring the shy and sophisticated electro-acoustic composer Luong Hue Trinh and other young music talents: Tiny Giant (vocal-electro), Ha Thuy Hang (zither), Nguyen Thuy Dung (zither), Jet Ilagan (sound artist) – recommended by Hanoi Grapevine. We will take you on a journey with rich, interesting sounds that will expand your imagination and your vibrating heart in a delicate way.

Ticket at door: 70,000vnd

Artist info:

1. Luong Hue Trinh

After studying at Vietnam National Academy of Music since 1998 at age 13, LUONG Hue Trinh received her Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Keyboard in 2010. In 2003, she was awarded as Exceptional
Student by Yamaha Music Foundation, Japan.

In 2010, she began to work in electroacoustic music under the guidance of Vietnamese composer SonX and was strongly influenced by his music. She participated shortly in the hub of experimental music Domdom in 2013. From 2015 to 2018, she got a full DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service scholarship for the program New Technique in Composition and then for the Master’s program in Multimedia Composition with Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu and Prof. Elmar Lampson at Hochschule für Musik & Theater Hamburg.

Her works were broadcast on radio in Thailand, India, Czech Republic, Australia, Scotland, England and highlighted as Artist of the Month on StillStream Radio, USA (2013). Her interview and music were on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) in 2014 & 2015. Her performance in Mikromusik Festival (2018), Berlin was on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Germany. Besides that, Trinh received composing commissions for exhibitions, as well as performing in major festivals and concerts in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan,Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Germany… She was invited as a creator in Echoes (2014)-a “geolocative” audio project in Hanoi-Copenhagen & workshop in Roskilde University. Her music was in Wenjack (2016)-an audio book for disabled people, published by The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS), Toronto and many other events.

Her pieces were in the compilation Art of The Muses (2012) featuring 10 female composers from Far East Asia published by label Syrphe and in album Synthesis Vol. 1 (2014) containing sound works by international female composers by Urban Arts Berlin. Illusions – her first album was released by label Pan y Rosas, Chicago. It had a review and was on the list of the Best of 2016 – Albums of The Year by Avant Music News, San Francisco, USA.

2. Ha Thuy Hang

Having learned to play the piano since the age of 12. After graduating with honors majoring in piano studies (2006), Hang continued to receive professional education, graduating from the Vietnam National Academy of Music (2014) majoring in Musicology.

During her studies and work, she has performed in Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Malta, South Korea, etc. and received numerous national and international awards: Copper Medal at the Geyeongnam International Choir Festival (2009); Silver Medal at the International Choir Competition at Association A (2011); Gold Medal in Folk Music Category and Audience’s Favorite Special Award at the 7th International Choir Festival, Johannes Brahms in Wernigerode, Germany (2011); Gold Medal and Audience’s Selection Special Award at the 10th Brahms International Choir Festival in Germany (2017).

With a strong desire to find her personal voice in music, in recent years, Ha Thuy Hang has developed a special interest in Vietnamese traditional music. She has begun to learn about contemporary music under the guidance of experts from Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, and is one of the most outstanding students at Domdom Center for Contemporary Music.

Ha Thuy Hang was selected by the British Council as one of seven young Vietnamese artists to participate in the Famlab 2018 project, a Film, Archive and Musical Lab heritage project through contemporary expressions. Besides, she was invited as one among Vietnamese emerging artists to perform in the opening performance of Hanoi New Music Festival 2018 with a focus on Southeast Asian contemporary and experimental music festival. She currently running the project called “The Future of Tradition”, an art project sponsored FAMLAB – British Council (which will last for 6 months starting from Nov 2018 to June 2019). The project is aimed at young people interested in the preservation and development of traditional culture and the arts.

3. Tiny Giant

Tiny Giant is a Hanoi-based live music duo featuring the deep vocal musings of LinhHafornow and the electronic sounds of tomes. Their music combines live beat production and layers of vocal looping. Through digital manipulation of organic elements, the band blend traditional tonality with contemporary sonic environments.

Vocal loops / lyrical melodies / organic elements: Linh Hà

A German-born Vietnamese national, Linh Hà weaves vocal ambient soundscapes with her solo project LinhHafornow. Linh Hà’s irrepressible versatility allows her to reach for new emotional dimensions with each breath. With a ‘loopstation’, an electronic device, she uses multiple microphones to capture her voice and a variety of traditional instruments. Fronting Tiny Giant she unleashes a new level of her dynamic range, and immerses audiences with her open, sincere approach.

Synths / beats / production: j.tomes

Growing up in rural Australia Tobias Paramore wandered the streets of his hometown, strumming an acoustic guitar and shyly humming 90’s pop-punk jams. In his early 20s he explored avant-garde electronica, heavyweight vintage dub, and sample-based golden-era hip hop, all of which shaped a new understanding of texture, rhythm, and harmony. Constructing musical elements only with hardware units (including samplers, and digital and analog synthesisers) tomes throws down live solo sets that keep dance floors sizzling and get crowds moving. As the creator of the backdrops that support Linh Hà’s compositions, he works to create mesmeric patchworks of samples, digital arpeggios and smooth sub-bass.

With every show they aim to conjure a spectrum of emotions, leading listeners on an audiovisual journey through new and hypnotic states.

4. Jett Ilagan

Jett Ilagan is a music producer, sound, and visual artist from Laguna, Philippines. His audio works revolves around the exploration of sound to emphasize cultural soundscapes through the use of field recordings and through personal encounters with the environment.

One of his projects titled ‘Audio Tour’, is a project that makes use of soundwalk as a means of guiding the listeners and inciting them to look at a specific location through a different sense of the body aside from sight: hearing. He actively performs original musical soundscapes under the moniker of ‘escuri’.

Recent works include an audio-visual performance titled “Going Home”. A project that is composed of hand-drawn musical notations and a musical composition reflecting the act of commuting from school and work which is showcased at TEDxADMU. And most recently, a two-month project in Yokohama, Japan titled “Wander Studio”. An 8 track album based on artist’s experience during his stay in Yokohama which is exhibited in form of cassettes, and installation work.

5. Nguyen Thuy Dung

Studied at the Vietnam National Academy of Music from 2004 and received her diploma in 2012.

Received a scholarship from the Kumho Asian Cultural Foundation from 2008 to 2012 and was awarded a scholarship for outstanding students from the Vietnam National Academy of Music from 2004 to 2012.

Was a member of the Vietnam National Traditional Orchestra (VNTO) from 2009 to 2012, performing at the Hanoi Opera House – Vietnam, Vientianne – Laos and was a member of đàn Tranh ensemble ‘Suoi Tranh’ which performed in various places in Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Has worked in both traditional and new music fields and cooperated with composers such as famous French – Vietnamese composer Nguyen Thien Dao, Tran Kim Ngoc, British composer Joshua Kopecek, Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Fyfe Dangerfield (The Guillemots, UK) and Vu Nhat Tan. Since graduating, she has collaborated with many Vietnamese and International musicians. Her stage persona, Melody #57, a contemporaryCa Trù group, performed at the Hanoi New Music Festival 2013, supportedLes Siestes Electroniquesin Hanoi and was filmed by Vincent Moon, a French director, film-maker and ethnographer (2013).

Performed in Germany and several places in Vietnam for the Hanoi – Berlin Experimental music meeting (2016), Jazz festival in Copenhagen (2016).
Attended Dance and Music Summer Camp (2018) as an experimental musician by Goethe Institute.
Additional: Competent vocalist Chèo, Cải Lương, Huế (Vietnamese traditional music)
Instruments: Dan Tranh (Vietnamese long zither), Guzheng (21-string Chinese zither)

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