Discussion “Among The Colorful Eels”

Discussion “Among The Colorful Eels”

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Sun 31 Mar 2019, 8 – 10 pm
Ơ Kìa Hà Nội
Lane 39, Alley 639, Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Hanoi

From the organizer:

It’s storytelling time.

We are students, painters, musicians, freelancers, social workers… A small and cozy group that has been working together from a freezing winter to a humid spring to come up with ideas, discuss, read and write… under the instruction of journalist Truong Uyen Ly during a non-fiction writing course.

It’s time for us to share with friends, families and those with interest the fruits of our labor. At a humble event on a Sunday night with flowers and candles. It’s a time for us, and an occasion for you to bring your writings, fiction and non-fiction (nano stories, essays, poems, or prose with meaning) and read them aloud so that we can hear and feel them… on a tender night.

We will tell you who we are, and how we learned with each other.

We will read excerpts from our writings (no longer than 5 minutes/person).

We will invite you to play a “spontaneous reading” game.

Then we will invite you to read your writings (no longer than 5 minutes/person).

The event is open free of charge for everyone. No registration needed.

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