Workshop and Excursion: Bá Dương Nội Village (Kite Making)

Workshop and Excursion: Bá Dương Nội Village (Kite Making)

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Sun 07 Apr 2019, 12.30 pm – 5 pm
Ba Duong Noi village
Hong Ha commune, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi

Meet: outside of the Pan Pacific Hotel, on Yên Phụ Rd, at the corner of Thanh Niên Rd, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Bá Dương Nội village is a 1,000 year-old kite making village; generations have kept this tradition alive. The kites are made in the shapes of crescent moons or boats, attached to wooden flutes. The wind passes through the flutes making lovely soft melodies. The village dates back to the 10th century Dinh dynast. Bá Dương Nội has a reputation as one of Vietnam’s major kite flying centres.

(To quote from VOV): “The elderly say once upon a time when heaven and earth were close, heaven’s fairies often came down to attend earth’s festivals. But one day, the heaven rose higher and higher. The fairies couldn’t come down. People on earth made kites as a way to restore contact with the heaven. People attached bamboo flutes to the kites to call the fairies to the earth’s festivals.”

We are delighted Mr Nguyễn Hữu Kiêm, President of the Hong Ha Kite Club, has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to host this, our 3rd visit, to the village where we will attend a workshop on how to make a small kite (miniature versions of the village kites).

This is now a regular feature in our calendar – where we take part in a kite making workshop (which precedes a visit to the village kite festival on the 15th day of the 3rd lunar month).

This is an afternoon activity where we make 1-2 small kites each. Feel free to bring additional items to decorate the kites. Mr Kiem will also talk about the history of kite making in the village and the special flute kites. If there is enough wind we will try flying the kites we make.


Meet: Outside of the Pan Pacific Hotel, on Yên Phụ Rd, at the corner of Thanh Niên Rd
– 12.30 pm: depart from Pan Pacific Hotel
– 1.30 pm: arrive in Bá Dương Nội village
– 1.30 – 4 pm: Flute Kite talk with Mr Kiêm. Learn about the history and traditions of the village kites, information on the annual festival and a chance to make your own kite (this is a small version of the village kites, appx 50-60cm wide) and if the weather is breezy enough and not raining we can fly the kites we make!
– Arrive back in Hanoi about 5.30 pm

Donation: 350,000 for adults and 175,000 for children. Includes material for kite making
Cost includes kite making materials, workshop fee and transport
Limit: 20 people
Contact: [email protected]

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