Discussion: “An Area Familiar Yet Strange”

Discussion: “An Area Familiar Yet Strange”

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Sat 18 May 2019, 7.30 pm
Erato School of Music and Performing Art
3rd floor, 30 Doan Thi Diem, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Future of Tradition* would like to invite you to attend a talk with Visual Artist Nguyen Huy An: “An area familiar yet strange”. This talk is the 5th event in the series of event of the project, to follow the schedule of events, please click here.

In previous talk, we have in turn invited you to dialogue with Artists, Musician and Curator. In this 5th event, Future of Tradition opens up a conversation with Visual Artist Nguyen Huy An. Artist Huy An has experimented on many mediums such as paintings, installations and especially performances. Among them, there are many works that have a strong connection with indigenous culture, and resonate and influence in the community of contemporary art practice in Vietnam.

“An area familiar yet strange” – which is that area? How about is the “familiar” and “strange” through his point of view? And how about the artist’s direction? Through reference to his personal practices, Artist Nguyen Huy An will clarify these questions.

This event will be conducted only in Vietnamese

To attend the event, please register at the following link.

* “Future of Tradition” is a 4-month project to raise the topic about the traditional art and the application of traditional art in contemporary art practices. The project will be implemented with a series of intensive talks with artists/artisans from traditional fields such as Tuong theater, Cheo theater, Cai Luong theater and contemporary artists who have been practicing with traditional materials such as Nguyen Trinh Thi, Tran Kim Ngoc, Nguyen Oanh Phi Phi, Nguyen Huy An, Nguyen Duc Phuong, Tran Luong, from the beginning of April 2019 to June 2019.

The project is sponsored by FAMLAB Fund – Heritage of Future Past – A Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth project under British Council in Vietnam: britishcouncil.vn
Communication support: hanoigrapevine.com
Venue support: Erato School of Music and Performing Art


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