PAN – Connect and spread art & cultural values through ‘Proactive Audience'

PAN – Connect and spread art & cultural values through ‘Proactive Audience'

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Written by Ut Quyen for Hanoi Grapevine
Photos by Nguyen Duc Tung
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At the launch event of Hanoi Grapevine’s Proactive Audience Network – PAN at VICAS Art Studio in the afternoon of 12 May, more than 20 members have met with the managing team and partner organizations of the project.

Proactive Audience Network – PAN is an initiative of Hanoi Grapevine, with the support of British Council and European Union, within the project Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam (2018 – 2021) aiming to promote the development of the creative industry in Vietnam, fostering sustainable development through the optimized balance between economic and art – cultural, material and cultural values.

The 20 selected members of PAN come from different fields of work, of different ages and expertise as well as artistic interests. Many of them are pure art enthusiasts, looking for opportunities to understand arts more profoundly and to voice their critical thinking, others are artists themselves practicing in various art fields hoping to share their artistic journey and improve their knowledge at other areas. The project also sees the participation of disabled members, aiming to actively diversify our art audience, bringing art – cultural values to all.

In the first phase, PAN’s objective is to connect its members with event organizers, art spaces who are its primary partners such as VICAS Art Studio, Kinergie Studio, Matca, Heritage Space, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet, Art in the Forest at Flamingo Dai Lai… The project aims to build a community of strong connections, comprised of not only those who are interested in arts but also those who proactively research, evaluate, giving constructive feedback through different means of expression: written articles, videos, images… To do this, PAN members are encouraged and given the right conditions to join creative activities, enhance their connections, exchange ideas among themselves and with artists and event organizers.

Apart from being able to join events by PAN’s partners free of charge or at a discounted price, attending exclusive activities with artists or art organizations such as: field trips, backstage visits, meet & greet with the artists, PAN members also get to participate in special trainings in writing reviews, reporting, giving feedback on art events as well as workshops, in-depth seminars on each type of arts every month. Members of the network are encouraged to proactively propose arts – culture events that they find interesting, deserving the attention of the public.

Every three months, PAN will sit down together to share their experience, evaluate and vote for the highlight art events of the quarter, and at the end of the year the will be an event for Voting and Announcement of highlight Arts & Cultural Projects/Events of the year as a way to support and celebrate the effort of artists and event organizers in bringing the public quality events and artworks.

Through our positive activities and with the first core members, PAN hopes to build a network of proactive audience growing strong together with our partner organizations.

Founded in 2008 as a dual-language news blog on arts & cultural events in Hanoi, today Hanoi Grapevine has become one of the most reputable online magazine in arts & culture in Vietnam. Yet, “To this day, Hanoi Grapevine is still just a central hub of one-way information from the organizers through website and/or Facebook to the audience” – said Truong Uyen Ly – director of Hanoi Grapevine in the launching event.

“The development of the Proactive Audience Network will enhance the multi-perspective information exchange, fostering a bridge not only between art enthusiasts and artists, art organizations, but also among the organizations themselves, utilizing the resources of partnerships to create a community of the same voice, strong and effective. And the people who build this bridge are none but PAN core proactive audience.”

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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