Art in the Forest – Summer 2019

Art in the Forest – Summer 2019

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From Art in the Forest:

Art in the Forest – Summer 2019 will officially open in the lake-side greenery of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in the morning of 29 June, 2019 and will stay open until 15 October, 2019, being the first of a series of events to celebrate the five-year journey of Art in the Forest (AIF).

Against nature’s open canvas of pine forests, sunlight and summer breeze, artworks including oil and acrylic paintings and installation pieces of eight artists born in the 70’s and an honorary guest artist born in the 60’s – painter Do Minh Tam, are showcased in this exhibition.

Nguyen Thuy Hang leads The Warriors into the forest to better feel the sense of loss of the diaspora, which is what she set out to achieve with this series. Vu Kim Thu brings the Mini-World in the Forest with sky blue, a colour new to her palette, on washi paper. La Nhu Lan makes viewers open drawers of recollections of Yesterday with hope for a brighter Tomorrow. Using the pictorial language to capture passing moments of the surrounding world, Ta Dinh Khiem shares the fragility and unsteadiness of his inner emotions with Cold Mountain and Water Surface.

La Nhu Lan – Tomorrow 3, Acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm, 2019

True Gold, Chapter III – “End Game” of Le Quy Tong presents bits and pieces in disarray whose collective purpose would have to be formulated in each viewer’s mind, while Street of Seasons Past touches the domain of old reminiscence through the blurry strokes by Pham Hoang Minh and Cloud by Doan Xuan Tang represents the ever-changing, ever-transforming and unbreakable bond between nature and people in the northern mountainous area. Simple and childlike, bright and cheerful, Luu Vu Long’s take on the characters from everyday contexts talks of his perspective on abundance, luck and happiness.

Day in, day out (detail), oil on canvas, 125x55cm, 2019 – Do Minh Tam

Still preoccupied by nature and by people in rural and urban areas in their different conditions and contexts, Do Minh Tam wishes to depict the diverse, ever-changing and ever-growing life in big cities, with the constraints and contradictions created by their own inhabitants.

Under the 2019 summer sky and pine tree branches, these artworks look forward to sharing their stories and emotions with art lovers.

The success of AIF in the past years is an indication of the dedication and tireless efforts of the Flamingo Group known for their appreciation for the true value of arts. Alongside the exhibition, from 26 August, 2019, AIF will organize a resident art programme at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort for Vietnamese and international artists to create artworks for the International Arts Exhibition to take place in late October this year to mark the fifth anniversary of AIF’s journey, promising large-scaled sculptures and lacquer artworks to be displayed in the studio in the pine forest.


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