Remembering Xuan Quynh – Luu Quang Vu

Remembering Xuan Quynh – Luu Quang Vu

25 Aug – 01 Sep 2019
O Kia Ha Noi
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi
360 De La Thanh, Hanoi

From Okia Cinema:

We invite you to come back to the green garden to find “May Trang” (White Cloud)….

O KIA LIBRARY project collaborates with O KIA HA NOI art space and director Nguyen Hoang Diep’s OKIA CINEMA to host the tribute week for poets XUAN QUYNH and LUU QUANG VU.

This is a series of art and cultural events including poetry, visual art, cinema, music. All the compositions, performances, discussions… are inspired by the works and the spirit of the “May Trang” (White Cloud) poets – the two talented poets who passed away in a tragic accident on 29 Aug 1988.

Time: 25 Aug to 1 Sep 2019
Venue: O KIA HA NOI 639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
and O KIA HA NOI at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts 360 De La Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi.


– Opening of Xuan Quynh – Luu Quang Vu: MAY TRANG VAN BAY VE (The White Cloud will Return) with a painting – sculpture exhibition “SE SE CHU…”
With the participation of the following artists – sculptors: Lê Thiết Cương, Lê Quảng Hà, Phạm Hà Hải, Đỗ Hằng, Đặng Xuân Hoà, Đào Hải Phong, Lê Đình Nguyên, Nguyễn Viết Thắng, Vũ Ngọc Vĩnh, Hoàng Phượng Vỹ (in alphabetical order). The main concept for the exhibition is the artworks created and selected on the inspiration of the two White Cloud poets’ spirit and legacy.

– Film Week “1988 – What was on at the time”
A cinema event: select, showcase and discuss with artists participating in films produced c.1988, including directors, writers, actors. From that point, the audience and the artists can once again recreate the space, time, and the socio-cultural context of the Reform era through cinema.

The design of White Cloud Poetry Room is inspired by the legendary 6.2-square-meter home of the late poets. Many manuscripts and written works by Xuan Quynh and Luu Quang Vu will be displayed here (with permission from their family). The room is free for entry for the public.

Join in the talk with Dong Mai – Xuan Quynh’s sister and the author of the memoir “Xuan Quynh half of my life” revealing a truer Xuan Quynh to the public


A night of poetry – music – stage plays tributes to Xuan Quynh – Luu Quang Vu with the participation of guests from various fields of art: literature, theater, music, cinema, visual art…

– Experimental music night “VŨ and RAIN”
Display of poems on Rain by Luu Quang Vu. Artist Tri Minh writes and plays experimental music with the rain poems of Luu Quang Vu.

– Classical guitar night: “GARDEN IN THE CITY”
Classical guitarists and guest artists will play music inspired by the White Cloud poets. Poem recital by guest artists.

– Documentary: “LUU QUANG VU – XUAN QUYNH” 
Screening of the documentary and talk with director Nguyen Thuoc, the filmmaker, and guests who are important witnesses of the White Cloud poets’ life and works.

***Art events in “WHITE CLOUD WILL RETURN” are inspired by the spirit and legacy of the late poets Xuan Quynh and Luu Quang Vu. The events are made possible by fans, personal and public support. The events are hosted by O Kia Ha Noi art space and sponsors: Vietcontent, Sengroup Wellness.

The project is non-profit and for the aim of connecting community to art – and artists to the public.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi

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