RMIT Vietnam Digital Design & Media Residency

RMIT Vietnam Digital Design & Media Residency

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RMIT Vietnam Digital Design & Media Residency
Deadline: 06 Sep 2019

From the organizer:

The School of Communication & Design (SCD) and Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) at RMIT Vietnam are pleased to announce the creation of a new residency program: RMIT Vietnam Digital Design & Media Residency.

This residency is a learning and development opportunity for designers and artists, offering assistance to develop a digital project of their own choosing. We will support those who are new to digital design and media, as well as those who are more experienced.

The residency offers two placements running parallel; one for artists and one for designers.

RMIT will provide access to its software and hardware tools as well as appropriate technical support. All proposals will be considered in relation to the availability of resources and expertise within SCD. Further details are as follows:

Each residency is to:
– be four months in length
– be project-based: to deliver an outcome that has been stated in advance
result in work that is digital in its outcome

Each resident must:
– be competent in spoken English
– be a Vietnamese national
– be able to partake in occasional extra-curricular activities for the benefit of our students (e.g. guest lectures, field trips, demonstrations etc)
have a minimum of 3 years of experience after graduation

Each resident will receive:
– access to appropriate technical support for their project
– access to school resources for their project
– a budget of up to US$2000 to cover all production costs for the project and all other expenses
At the end of each residency, the project outcomes will be reviewed for possible inclusion in a group exhibition.

The deadline for submissions is 6 September 2019.

To apply, send an email with ‘SCD Residency’ in the subject line, along with the following to [email protected] :

1. Your CV
2. Ten jpeg images of your work:
– The maximum dimension of each image is not to exceed 1500 pixels
– The images should be named in the following manner: FAMILY_NAME_Given_Name_001 (e.g. NGUYEN_Trong_Khoa_003.jpg)

3. A single text document with details of the work you have submitted. This should include:
– Title
– Size
– Date
– Dimensions
– Medium
– In the case of movies or animations, a link to the result (e.g. YouTube)

4. A two-page PDF document that briefly describes the nature of your proposed project. This should contain:
– Your name
– The provisional title of your project
– The intended outcomes or aims of your project
– Any resources that your project would require (space requirements, materials, software, hardware etc.). In the case of materials, please state their approximate cost
– Any specific support you will require (e.g. technical help, such as support with software)


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