Discussion: “The Quintessence of Annam”

Discussion: “The Quintessence of Annam”

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Tue 24 Sep 2019, 6 pm
24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

Tin từ L’Espace:

Vietnamese history has witnessed many encounters and collisions between French and Vietnamese cultures. The colonial conquests to were not merely military conflicts, but also created cultural interferences.

Located in southern Asia, between India and China, Indochina is a peninsula that runs along the equator, with vast deltas, fertile lands and a large population. The kingdoms that formed here flourished after numerous long brutal struggles, and then Europeans came here, dividing the peninsula into colonies and protectorates.

In 1627, the first French man to set foot on Annam was a Jesuit missionary, Alexandre de Rhodes, who founded the Tonkin Missionary Association. From here, many European merchants aspire to establish businesses in this “golden peninsula,” where the reputation of wealth is strangely exaggerated to the point Europe’s adventurous souls became obsessed.

Paul Giran (Psychology of Annam People), Henri Gourdon (The Art of Annam) or Henri M. Couvetet (Tonkin Varieties) are all Western scholars, the first French people to approach the local Asian culture, but all surveyed the Annam people, based on the study of relevant records and the actual experience of themselves living and staying in “the land of Annam” for a long time, to know and understand about people, discover the deep dynamics in the daily life, and bring us specific, vivid and interesting records.

We hope that the talk will be an opportunity for us to share and discuss about our people, through the objective and panoramic views of the Western “travelers”.

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