HCMC – Contemporary Dance Performance “The Rite of Spring”

HCMC – Contemporary Dance Performance “The Rite of Spring”

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Sat 14 Sep 2019, 8 pm
HCMC Opera House
No. 7 Lam Son Square, D.1, HCMC

From the organizer:

“The Rite of Spring” was premiered in 1913 with the music written by the great Russian composer I. Stravinsky, choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky. At that time, both the music and the choreography had impressive breakthrough which caused an unfavorable reaction from the public. The work was considered too fierce. Later on, when Stravinsky’s works were recognized and accepted, “the Rite of Spring” became one of the most important and influential works of the 20th and 21st century music.

The choreography is about the ancient rituals of the birth of spring. A sacrificial female character dances to her death. The powerful choreography together with the use of dissonants in the music shocked the ballet audience back then. Uptill now, there have been hundreds of different choreographies on Stravinsky’s “the Rite of Spring”.

His visualization manifests on a stage occupied by several large and small green houses, set against a dark stripped down stage. These green houses are manipulated by the dancers, who climb in them, push them around the stage, turn the houses around, pull them apart, and line them up.

The stage props suggest a semiotic relationship between the dancers and the houses which both nourishes the group and imprisons them, with the exception of the “chosen one,” whose individualism empowers her to break free of the “cult”ure.

The dance itself is a smart collection of repetition and accumulation building into a near frenzy. The dancers rise and fall, their arms flinging about to the heavy-percussive pulse of Stravinsky’s “the Rite of Spring”. On the surface, viewers can take in the roughly executed, heady dancing as violent, decadent, but the wild and provocative solos, duets, trios, and group movement phrases begin to tell a story of vulnerability outside the collective, of group think, and we see clearly the individual is the smallest minority.

Watch a teaser produced by HBSO Ballet:

“The Rite of Spring” was first performed by the HBSO Ballet on August 23rd, 2019 in the 2019 Arts Festival Autumn Melodies and received positive response from the audience.

The work will be performed again on September 14 at HCMC Opera House. The night also present “Bolero” by M. Ravel choreographed by Joost Vrouenraets with the performance of Tran Hoang Yen and Sung A Lung.


Ticket prices: 650.000 – 550.000 – 450.000 – 300.000 – 80.000 VND (for students, limited offer)
Booking and delivery: 028 38237419, Ms. Ngoc: 0903604539
At HCMC Opera House, 7 Lam Son Square
Online Booking: www.ticketbox.vn

HCMC Opera House
No. 7 Lam Son Square, D.1, HCMC


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