MAP 2019 – The first Artist Talk

MAP 2019 – The first Artist Talk

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Sun 27 Oct 2019, 3 – 5.30 pm
12 Hoa Ma, Hanoi

From Heritage Space:

Heritage Space proudly present MAP-Talk 1 “COLLAPSES OF IMAGINATION” with presentations from two Vietnamese artists Le Dinh Chung from Hochiminh city, Hue Nguyen from Hanoi, and two international artists Aya Momose from Japan and Quynh Dong from Switzerland. The talk is going to be led by Nguyen Anh Tuan. It is a part of the exchange activities in “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2019” by Heritage Space.

As part of the MAP 2019 with the theme “BEYOND DESTRUCTION”, MAP Talk 1 is a series of presentation and discussion about the process of practicing art by four artists:

Hue Nguyen: She likes to imagine so images is main method to storage and exchange information, then
gradually becoming the diverse materials for thoughts and ideas’ expression. She uses visual language to record self-observation and exploration in terms of changes in time, landscape and human relationships.

Aya Momose’s going to introduce recent her artworks and ongoing project for MAP. Initially she started to use the videos to archive her performance, but after that her concern was getting focus on reconsideration of relationship between the voices and the body through editing video. Presently she is interested in the simultaneity of modern nationalism and patriarchy system as well. For MAP project, Aya Momose thinking to focus on the independent desire of female body.

Quynh Dong would like to give a brief talk about three works to give the audiences a opinion about her working process. By addressing themes of imagined realities, Dong is questioning the idea of representation. Memory turns not only towards history, archives, relics of past modernities, but also to the phenomena in themselves of haunting and reconstructing. In her work, Dong creates hyper-realities to provide an innate platform upon which she deliberately challenges cultural stereotypes.

Instead of giving a traditional talk, artist Le Dinh Chung will invite audience to watch and be able to take part into a live interacting performance – as a way to introduce his identity and artistic concept & practice. It has a title ‘Sorry, I’m late but I got something for you’.

Language: English and Vietnamese with translation.

Free admission.

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