Theatre Interpret and Act – Workshop Series “Understanding Theatre”

Theatre Interpret and Act – Workshop Series “Understanding Theatre”

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20 & 27 Nov, 11 Dec 2019
08 Jan, 12 Feb and 11 Mar 2020

From the organizers:

Workshop series “Understanding theater” is a part of the project “Theater: Interpret and Act”. The series aim at theater enthusiasts who wants to understand more about the art and to become proactive audience. This is also the start for theater criticism activities thereafter.

The workshop series aims to help you shape your theater aesthetics, creating the basis to observe, evaluate, analyze and interpret individually when watching a play. From that point, you will become a “proactive” audience in your own right. And enjoying theatrical productions will become more exciting and profound.

Each workshop will give you the theory of the main schools of theater and notable stage directors, from which the whole class will learn about their creative methods in these theatrical productions and experiment with the tools they use in the creative process.

The workshop series is for artists wishing to expand their practices, journalists specializing in the arts & theater, art teachers and lecturers, and people interested in theater.

– Session 1 (20 Nov) : General introduction to the history of theatrical staging
– Session 2 (27 Nov) : Fundamental schools of theatrical staging in Europe and in Russia.
– Session 3 (11 Dec) : Schools of theatrical staging with audience influence and interactive play.
– Session 4 (08 Jan) : Analyze plays from audio-visual materials
– Session 5 (12 Feb) : Analyze plays from audio-visual materials
– Session 6 (11 Mar) : Analyze extraits from the play Những mảnh (Fragments)

About the lecturer:
After graduating with a degree in Professional Acting in 2006, Marianne Seguin continued to study theater arts teaching methods and practice as an actress and a teacher until now. For her, theater practice « has brought [her] to teaching in the most natural way ». Because theater has never been about performance, theater itself is the art form closest to human nature, and helps people turn to themselves. At the same time, she also directs plays for young audiences, from children to teenagers in theatrical festivals in France and Vietnam.

In Southeast Asia, she and Quentin Delorme, her friend and colleague, established the ATH space in Hanoi.

350 000 VND / workshop
Discount for attending the total of 6 workshops : 300 000 VND/workshop
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About the project:
Project « Theater: Interpret and Act » is founded and operated by ATH Drama and Arts Space with the participation of stage artist Ha Nguyen Long, Hanoi Grapevine and Out and Out Art media with the desire to spread the values of theater arts through developing a community high-quality theater audience.

The project provides an opportunity for people to have continuous and systematic access to theater art in all aspects of theory and practice: reading scripts, learning about the history of stage set, acting, exploring simplified staging methods (script reading, role-playing, acting…), participating in specialized seminars on theater arts, observing the creative process of a complete contemporary theatrical work. From that point, the engaged audience can understand the insights and have critical reviews on theater. This is also a premise for methodical theatrical criticism.

Contact : Hoạ My [email protected]

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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