Art exhibition: “Ờ”

Art exhibition: “Ờ”

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05 Jan – 10 Jan
Exhibition Centre of Fine Art and Photography
29 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

From the organizer

The exhibition is a combination of three artists from Ho Chi Minh City: Thai Vinh Thanh, Le Hai Trieu and Hoang Vo currently taking place in Hanoi.

About the name of the exhibition: “Ờ” (Yes! / Yeah!), the three artists just laughed and said, “Well, it is it.” But in Vietnamese, either “ờ” or “ờm” is the utterance, to show agreement or to expresses when you suddenly remember something. Bringing out dozens of paintings to display, then together say “Yes!” (which you also can understand as “That’s right!”, were the three artists trying to remember something? Is it time to open another way, to add another door?

With the three artists, in this primary exhibition, they raised their voices together with one word only, before calling out or giving a new title to their new works.

Of course every exhibition is important, but with “Ờ” is really important, because they must show off their prestige in Hanoi. With fine arts, Hanoi has not only a thickness of tradition, a thickness of achievements, but also a thickness of criticism, with a sharp look and typical criticism, so artists from other regions come here to have their own exhibitions are often very difficult to succeed. If these three artists succeed, it will also be a hinged precedent, contributing to opening more opportunities and attracting for many other shy artists.


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