Photo Exhibition: The First Time

Photo Exhibition: The First Time

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Opening: 10:30, 01/02/2020
Time: 09:00 – 19:00, 01 – 08/02/2020
Matca Space for Photography
48 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From the organizer

“One autumn night, when he was sick, and I attempted to make some porridge.”
“I insisted, but he did not kiss me.”
“I didn’t tell her that I was a virgin.”
“We were chanting together, and a question burnt in my mind: Would you sleep with me?” “When my grandmother was going to the mountain for a holiday, I jumped out of the taxi and grabbed his arm: ‘You have to go home with me, otherwise I am gonna be a virgin forever!’”

“The first time” is a collection of memories from a mixed group of 18 to 98 years old worldwide, sharing how they lost their purity. It combines photographs, texts, and objects.

About Phuong Hoang

Phuong Hoang is a Hanoi-born photographer and journalist based in Berlin, Germany. Hoang studied international relations to become a diplomat, but her life turned towards journalism. She has been working as a journalist for over 13 years. Despite the influence of photojournalism skills, Phuong Hoang expands her practical and artistic knowledge of photography and history of art, broadening cultural awareness, and developing her style on social-political and environmental issues.

Hoang’s work exhibited at OFF Bratislava Photo Festival (Slovakia) – a part of European Month of Photography, “The Long Night at The Museum” Hamburg (Germany), CONTACT Photography Festival (Canada), Goethe Institute Gallery in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Ada Slaight Gallery in Toronto (Canada).

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