Seminor “Reading Night”

Seminor “Reading Night”

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IF Hanoi

18 Jan 2020, 2:30 pm
24 Trang Tien, Ha Noi

From L’Espace

The fourth time of “Reading Night” will take place in France and the cultural centers of France around the world on Sat 18 Jan 2020. This unique event held throughout France and for everyone is an opportunity to connect the book lovers with not only libraries, bookstores, but also with authors and publishers, schools, universities, and local organizations. The event will promote, through free activities of all kinds, the joy of reading, the love of discovery, exchange and sharing.

In the framework of the “Reading Night”, L’Espace will hold workshops for bilingual French students and a meeting to celebrate reading: reading books in “karaoké style”, perform a script in French or tell a picture story with their own work.

Speaker Jean-Charles Sarrazin is an author and illustrator of Ecole des Loisirs Publisher. In 1987, he studied at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts. Currently, he teaches fine arts, illustrates and writes stories for young children. Every morning, if possible, he would draw back his daily activities as short comic strips into his sketchbook, from meetings to memories. In particular, the story of the fatherhood in the sketchbook has become the composition material in his works.

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