Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2019 – Nominees

Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2019 – Nominees

Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest aims to become an annual honoring event, organized and selected by Hanoi Grapevine and PAN – the pro-active audience network. The event seeks to honor individuals, organizations, projects, and activities whose work in the creative arts has had an impact on the community, in order to foster artistic development, promote media coverage and further the influence of arts and culture on the community in a broader and more meaningful manner.
Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2019 and Hanoi Grapevine Pro-active Audience Network (PAN) would like to express our appreciation of valuable sponsorship from British Council, European Union, and Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam.

Selection criteria

For every honoring category, HANOI GRAPEVINE’S FINEST has conducted a thorough and responsible selection process. The selection criteria aim to highlight the developmental significance and spreadability, proposed by Hanoi Grapevine and evaluated by a professional and enthusiastic Board of Advisors.


Organizers are selected based on their length of operation (in years), representative impactful project/activity in the arts, positive influence and contribution to the art world and the broader community in general.


– Matca Photography Community

– Kinergie Studio- Contemporary Dance and Ballet Studio

– Bluebirds’ Nest Book Cafe

TOONG Co-working Space

– ATELIER Theater de Hanoi – ATH

– Heritage Space – Contemporary Art Center

– Autumn Meeting – International Independent Cinema Event

– ĐOM ĐÓM Experimental Music and Art Centre

– Manzi Independent Art Space

– Hanoi Rock City – Live Concert Venue

– DOCLAB – Hanoi Center for Documentary Films & the Moving Image

– Dogma Contemporary Art Prize – Dogma Prize

– ERATO School of Music and Performing Art

TPD – The Center for the Assistance and Development of Movie Talents

– SIX SPACE Art Space


Among a myriad of creative art events in 2019, we have compiled a list of impactful event/event series based on the following criteria: Artistic quality, Interactive quality (online and offline), Societal, educational & developmental implications, Audience communication quality, Organizational factors, and Public connection & spreadability quality.


Solo Marathon Art Residency by Á Space

– PAS – Spring Stage Festival

– Dogma Prize 2019

– Art in the Forest – The 5th anniversary of Flamingo

– A series of events of “The girl K” Project – the new image of Kieu

– Hanoi Dance Fest 2019 contemporary dance program

– Traditional music performance series limited edition – Limited Edition Tradition

– Month of Arts Practice MAP

– Krossing Over Art Festival – Dialogue festival between dance and other art forms

Contemporary dance workshop series Made in Vietnam 2019

– Photography publication Makét

– Future of tradition – a project connecting and displaying researches and creations on traditional art by young artists

– Queer Forever- JASMINE GARDEN, THE MAGICAL LAND – the month of art activities honoring queer culture

Vietnam Festival of Media and Design 2019

– Citizen Earth

DANCE DANCE ASIA – A series of Asian street dance performances

– The Bolero Effect – A diverse performance project that features artist-community collaborations

– Swan Lake ballet

– SUN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – A series of educational and chamber music concerts

– Viet Ciné Corner


The shortlist for Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest Artists prioritizes artists 35 or under who actively participated in the arts and culture scene in 2019 by exhibiting work and contributing to representative projects and events with resounding artistic, educational and developmental impact.


Nguyễn Duy Thành

Lương Huệ Trinh

Ngọc Nâu

Hà Thúy Hằng

Lê Giang

Vũ Ngọc Khải

Trang Trịnh

Trang Linh Valerie Phạm

Hà Ninh Phạm

Phạm Ngọc Lân

Trần Dũng Thanh Huy

– Ngô Thu Hương

– Nguyễn Đình Phương

– Phan Anh

– Phan Thảo Nguyên

– Nguyễn Hoàng Giang

The voting period runs from 07 Feb 2020 to 20 Feb 2020.

The list of nominees for each category will be posted on Hanoi Grapevine’s Facebook and website. Audience members can access the Google Forms links through each posts, or through this link.


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