Open call: “Shape of Music” – Edition 1: Connecting Heritage

Open call: “Shape of Music” – Edition 1: Connecting Heritage

DomDom Residency for Experimental Music “Shape of Music”
Edition 1: Connecting Heritage
Open call
Launching event: 7 Mar, 2020
Deadline for application: 20 Apr, 2020
Residency time: May – Oct 2020

From the organizer

“Shape of Music” is the first residency program and catalyzing laboratory for different forms of ‘new music’. Initiated and organized by DomDom, the program aims at nurturing and developing new ‘authors’ and contributing new works to the landscape of experimental and contemporary music in Vietnam. The first edition of the program, Connecting Heritage, with sponsor and support from British Council’s FAMLAB Fund, grants 4-5 emerging (group of) artists to engage deeply with traditional disciplines of Vietnamese performing art and music. During the 6-month residency, the chosen artists will receive professional mentoring from five senior artists whose approach to Vietnamese heritage is diverse, to ideate, create and implement their new works. These new productions are to be presented in a final showcase at the end of the residency. Excellent works from these new productions are likely to be included to participate in Hanoi New Music Festival 2021.

About DomDom

Founded by independent composer, musician Tran Kim Ngoc in 2012, DomDom is the first independent interdisciplinary center fully dedicated to the operation and advancement of Vietnamese experimental music and its interdisciplinary collaborations with other arts forms. The Center promotes all forms of contemporary music and art practices: establish the first Creative Platform for Experimental Music in Vietnam; initiate and educate Vietnamese to experimental and contemporary art and provide music training for young composers/musicians in order to generate a strong foundation for the Vietnamese experimental and contemporary scene; offer an audience development program that encourages music appreciation and participation for the public.


The FAMLAB Fund aims to support projects that engage with the music and/or film heritage of Vietnam through contemporary practice, encouraging arts and cultural practitioners to explore innovative ways of engaging and interacting with new audiences for Vietnamese music/film heritage.

Timeline of the residency

Phase 1 (May – June 2020): Knowledge and professional experience sharing

– 1 introductory session: 5 chosen artists will present about themselves, their practices, and their project idea with the board of advisors, mentors and guest musicians

– 4 panel discussion: Senior artists/mentors of the program will share about their own expertise, in conjunction with their notable works, to reveal and discuss different technical and conceptual approaches and methodologies to their practice.

– 5 tours (1 tour/week) led by guest musicians: Participants of the program will visit “live stage” or cultural sites of the traditional art forms aforementioned. Each tour is followed by a discussion on-site with the guest musicians who are knowledgeable about the visited discipline. A package of in-depth knowledge of the traditional arts (Tuồng, Chèo, Quan Họ, Ca trù, Chầu Văn) will also be handed out to as a database for the participants for reference.

Phase 2 (June to October 10th 2020): Artwork production

– Conversations with Mentors are private meetings between senior artists and chosen participating artists to develop their proposed ideas and work on the art-making process. Each selected artist is able to choose and register to work with one main mentor throughout the residency. In addition to that, they can also sign up for meetings with other mentors. Time, venue, and frequency of the meetings is to be decided by both the mentors and the artists. However, it is encouraged that the meetings with main mentors take place once every two
weeks at the studios of the mentors in order to introduce them to particularities of each practice.

– Group discussion will be organized once every two or three weeks for the artists to present their in-progress works, for the mentors to check-in and give feedback and critique to aid the art-making process.

– Midterm presentation: In the last month of the residency, each participating artist is invited to present their practice and their work-in-progress for the public (which will be showcased in the concluding event of the program).

– In parallel with these stated activities, the artists can arrange their 6 months according to their own needs. For example, they can come up with other activities to work and learn with the musicians as they wish with the budget provided to them.

October 17, 2020: Final showcase of new works after the residency / Closing event of the residency

Eligibility to apply

Any Vietnamese emerging artists or groups of artists, currently living in Vietnam, whose practice focus on new and transdisciplinary forms of music are eligible to apply. The artists can also collaborate with one or more artists from other disciplines such as theatre, poetry, literature, visual arts, performing arts and new media to create collaborative, cross-genre works (number of participating artists: unlimited).

If you apply as a group of artists, a sound artist/musician representing the group will have to submit the application.

Application materials

Please fill out the application form here in Vietnamese with the following information:

1. Applicant information

Please provide the contact information of yourself or your group.

2. CV

Please provide your full CG with details on your educational background (optional) and an overview of your relevant artistic experiences.

3. Portfolio

Please provide a portfolio to present your previous experiences and related artworks, including:

– maximum 5 images of previous works in JPEG format (in case you submit visual artworks);

– maximum 5 links to listen to or watch artworks online (if they are musical works, performing arts)

– An explanation or caption for the works you submit (information of artworks and artist(s), concept/idea behind the works, technical methodologies, etc). Please number the explanations according to the order of the images/link for convenience.

4. Letter of intent

Please state why you want to participate in the program (max. 500 words) and also provide us with your artist statement, which describes your practice and artistic philosophy (max. 300 words).

5. Proposal of an artwork

Please provide a proposal for a new work (max. 1000 words), which specifies:

1/ The relevance of your proposed artwork to the theme ‘Connecting Heritage’ and/or makes use of the artistic materials of the five traditional music (chầu văn, ca trù, quan họ Bắc ninh, tuồng, chèo);

2/ Tentative form of the proposed work;

3/ Proposed approach and methodology to the artwork (which will be implemented during the 6-month residency)

*Please also provide related information on your own interests, desired knowledge and support that you will to achieve during the residency.

6. Commitment of participation

Once you are selected to join the residency, by default you agree to follow the terms of commitment as listed below.

Commitment of participation

– To participate fully and actively in the activities of the residency, which lasts from Aril till October 2020;

– To create and complete a work of arrt on the theme of Connecting Heritage within the timeframe of the program. The work can be realized in any form: performance, performing art, installation, transdisciplinary, interactive, music theatre, etc.

Deadline for participation

Application should be sent in a PDF file to the email address [email protected] from Feb 09 till Apr 20, 2020.

Number of successful applicants

4-5 artists/groups of artists

What are the benefits of participating in this residency?

– Each artist/group of artists will be awarded with a grant of 20.000.000 VND as a production fund for new artworks (payment will be made in two iterations—70% after the first phase of the residency and the remaining 30% to be paid at the end of the second phase)

– Travel costs for participants living outside Hanoi to Hanoi (a return economy flight ticket or bus tickets depending on the location)

– Allowance of 2 million VND/month for those who live outside Hanoi to come and work in Hanoi for 6 months of the residency

– Accommodation to be provided during the residency for those who come from outside Hanoi

– Access to an in-depth database of 5 Vietnamese traditional music and performing arts (Quan Họ, Ca trù, Chầu Văn, Tuồng, Chèo), compiled and developed by the organizing team of the residency

– Site visits and professional meetings with experts and practicing artists of Quan Họ, Ca trù, Chầu Văn, Tuồng, Chèo.

– Hands-on support from the senior artists, musicians with diverse approaches to Vietnamese heritage

– Customized support to create new works: access to basic studio, production and post-production equipments and techniques

– Acquiring relevant skills such as composing, critical and philosophical fundamentals, approaches to musical and stage heritage, electronic/technical issues for experimental music, conceptualizing, ideating and creating transdisciplinary works, etc

– An opportunity for excellent works (assessed by the board of advisors/mentors) to present the works in ‘New Faces’ showcase of Hanoi New Music Festival 2021

Selection process

DomDom and the jury board will be responsible for the selection process of the residency program. The jury board includes:

1. Trần Thị Kim Ngọc – Musician, Founder/Director of DomDom

2. Nguyễn Xuân Sơn (SơnX) – Musician

3. Duo Siedl/Cao (Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl) – Multidisciplinary musicians

4. Alec Schachner – Electronic musician, music producer and sound engineer

Result announcement

Final results will be notified by email to the successful applicants on May, 2020.

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For more information or questions, please contact:

Phạm Út Quyên, Phone number: +84 949105970

Program Coordinator, Email: [email protected]

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