The After Childhood Journey #1: I Have Something to Say

The After Childhood Journey #1: I Have Something to Say

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Thứ bảy 28/03/2020 Sat 18 Mar 2020, 2 pm – 03:30 pm
Ơ kìa Hà Nội
Online talkshow

From the organizer

“The After Childhood Journey” is a talk series developed by author Dang Hoang Giang and director Nguyen Hoang Diep, with the desire to raise awareness of individuals and the community about psychological and mental health issues.

At any age, each of us is a parent’s child, and many carry with them the feelings of childhood which have never been heard. Named “I Have Something to Say”, the first conversation created a safe and compassionate space for participants, regardless of age, to share their sad childhood experiences. Thereby, both the narrator and the listener better understand what happened to the person and their parents, creating a basis for learning to let go, to resolve bitterness, to learn to love oneself, to self-healing and heal others. (That is also the content of the next conversation.)

In music, we will also listen to excerpts about the fate of young people in Dang Hoang Giang’s book “Finding Me in the After Childhood World”, to see ourselves in it, feel being told for , and to better understand the world of the people around us.

We look forward to meeting and receiving the support of all the sons and daughters and parents.

You can connect and join from anywhere after following the simple registration steps:
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– You can contribute depending on your personal financial ability
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+ Other options.
Please transfer donations via CCCMN_email syntax, to Nguyen Hoang Diep account 0011000917088 Vietcombank.
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Non-profit event, sponsored by O Kia Hanoi, with the contribution of speakers, experts, volunteers. All your donations to the program will be used for O Kia Hanoi to continue the next social-cultural activities.

Implementation and organization: O Kia Hanoi art space and O Kia Library.


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