Exhibition: “aROUND aBOUT”

Exhibition: “aROUND aBOUT”

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24 Apr – 30 Apr 2020
248 Yen Hoa, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From the organizer

“aROUND aBOUT” is a new exhibition of artwork and is Dorian’s first solo exhibition of work. Unlike many solo shows, the work on display in the exhibition has been taken from a variety of different bodies of work and includes Print, Mixed media, Photography, painting and sculpture with the majority being made over the past two years. The exhibition is housed in a new gallery space located on Yen Hoa, Tay Ho, over two floors and showcases over 30 pieces of work. Although the exhibition is a curated show from different artistic investigations the shared symbolism, themes, palette and processes in the work give the exhibition a visually cohesive narrative.

Much of his artwork could be considered abstract in aesthetic but combines figurative elements as ‘tools’ or ‘annotations’ to connect with the work in a non-abstract and emotional way. The narratives essentially orientate around the spiritual and psychological aspects of the human existence in what might be considered an abstract or existential manner. Symbolism and metaphor are visually employed to create narratives and/or produce emotive sensations relating to questions of the human condition, consciousness and the emotional, psychological and physical energy world that is the life experience we share.

About artist:

Dorian Gibb is an artist, designer and educator from the UK living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. Having studied BA Fine art and worked in the London design industry he obtained a post graduate certificate in design education at Goldsmiths University. After teaching design in London schools and at the United Nations International school in Hanoi he co-founded Work Room Four; an art, design and education consultancy in Hanoi in 2013.

In 2018 Dorian decided that, after a career supporting the creative endeavors of students and artists, it was time he finally embarked on his childhood ambition of becoming a practicing artist by focusing his time and energy on creating and promoting his own work. He continues to work as an education consultant while pursuing his ambitions to create artwork that engages, stimulates and hopefully delights audiences.

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