Experience online sightseeing at home.

Experience online sightseeing at home.

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In response to the #stayathome campaign with the help of technology, everyone from all over the world is now able to spend time admiring the paintings, sculptures, and artifacts in more than 1,000 famous theme museums around the world, beautiful national parks in the US, visit famous architectural works from different countries, and even into the White House, with just one screen, and completely free!

The following is a compilation of Hanoi Grapevine from various sources for all these wonderful and rewarding online experience.

1, Museums

2, National Parks at US.

3, White House

4, Eiffel Tower

5, Great Wall of China

6, Great Pyramids

7, Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Anh

8, Monet’ House

9, Online tour Louvre

10, National Gallery of Art at Washington DC

Hope you all enjoy the “trip”!


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