Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

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20 Apr 2020
Online Exhibition

25 Apr 2020, 11 am – 12 pm
Film Screening and Q&A with Tamay & Me on Instagram @fashrev_vietnam

26 Apr 2020, 11 am – 12 pm
Studio Tour and Q&A with Môi Điên on Instagram @fashrev_vietnam

From the organizer

Fashion Revolution Vietnam is launching their first online exhibition. + There will be 2 Fashion Open Studio events 25 – 26 Apr 2020 through Instagram Live.

Online Exhibition

80% of garment factory workers are women. The exhibition, titled ‘80%’ reveals what life can be like for women working in garment factories in Vietnam and around the world, how Covid-19 has impacted them and what we can do to support the women who make our clothes.

As a result of this global pandemic, 40 million garment workers face destitution as factories close and orders dry up and it is the women across the fashion supply chains who are most affected.

If we do not hold brands accountable, millions of the workers in their supply chains are likely to fall into crippling poverty as they lose their jobs and struggle to provide for their families.

We are inviting the public from their homes to join this campaign by posting a message to fashion brands through their social media.

How people can join the campaign

We will ask people to download and share or share through our social media channels. People can choose the message they want to send. By raising their voices, they are in turn raising the voices of garment workers.

What we will do

We will track how many of these images have been shared and we will send a public message to brands who are failing to support the women in their supply chains. We will hold these brands accountable and demand they take responsibility for their workers.

Supported by: CDI, Fair Wear Foundation

“Of the 75 million people who work to make our clothes, 80% of these workers are women between the ages of 18 and 35. Our consumer fashion decisions therefore have a greater impact on women around the world. During this global pandemic it is so important we demand that brands take responsibility for the women working in their supply chains. It is in the hands of fashion brands to stop their workers falling into poverty as they lose their jobs and struggle to provide for their families This campaign provides a way for everyone at home, on their phones and laptops to join the Fashion Revolution movement and to help us to raise the voices of garment workers.” – Ellen Downes, Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution Vietnam

Fashion Open Studio Events

Fashion Open Studio, Fashion Revolution’s global showcasing initiative, launched in 2017, is a week of presentations, talks, and workshops with designers from around the world, to celebrate the people and processes behind the process of making our clothes.

Fashion Revolution Vietnam invites you to #StayHome with Fashion Open Studio, an opportunity to digitally step into designers’ studios and meet the teams behind the clothes.

Film Screening and Q&A with Tamay & Me

Join Fashion Revolution Vietnam for a special film screening of Meet the Artisan: Tamay & Me with co-founder Tamay, a Mien artisan from Ta Phin village in Sapa. The film gives an insight into Tamay’s practice and approach and it was made by Ellen Downes and Ellie Shipman. This screening will be followed by an Instagram Live Q&A between Ellen Downes, Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution Vietnam and Tamay & Me co-founder Hannah Cowie.

Tamay is from a long line of Mien women who make their own clothes, passing down the skills to their daughters. Mien women spend a year making themselves a set of embroidered clothes, which they wear for the following year. Tamay is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She cannot read or write yet she has taught herself English and Vietnamese and has become a figurehead of her community. Hear her inspiring story and learn how she co-founded sustainable fashion brand Tamay & Me, how she manages production in her home village and how she and the women of her community make all their own clothes. Through this workshop Tamay and other women from her community will tell the stories, culture and history of Mien embroidery. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic Mien embroidery techniques through a hands-on and one-to-one tutorial with Tamay and other Mien women.

Studio Tour and Q&A with Môi Điên

Join Fashion Revolution Vietnam for a studio tour with Tom Trandt and the Môi Điên team showing the processes behind the new collection. Followed by an Instagram Live Q&A between Ellen Downes, Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution Vietnam and Tom Trandt, founder of Môi Điên.

Môi Điên (meaning outspoken in Vietnamese) is a fashion brand created on the principle that clothes can give its wearer a voice. Since its first collection in 2016, Môi Điên has been using primarily deadstock fabric from local markets and donated fabrics from local brands.

Môi Điên was awarded Green Warrior of The Year by Elle Vietnam in 2019 and was introduced to Change – An organization promotes and encourages the care and preservation of the environment through education and innovative communications that change habits and inspire community action in Vietnam.

About Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion activism movement, founded after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. Fashion Revolution campaigns for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry through research, education, collaboration, mobilisation and advocating for policy change.


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