Writing event: Covid-period’s letter

Writing event: Covid-period’s letter

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Deadline: 30 Apr 2020

From the organizer

Hello there, how long have it been since the last time you wrote a letter?

Do you have any closed-one that working hard in the pandemic? Do you have any treasure one in the quarantine quarters? Are you one of them yourself? Or you are just simply staying at home with self-isolation and want to write a letter for you relatives, lover, friends… or your future self in 10 years later.

Hesitate no more, lets join our program, to spread the love and save it with the time.

Together, we’ll make so much meaningful things.

How to join

1/ Access i.Pub
2/ Sign up and log in
3/ Choose “Write with iPub” on the menu tab or directly access this link


Deadline: Until the end of 30 Apr 2020
Voting time: 01 – 10 May 2020
Award announcement time: 11 – 15/05/2020


– Length: At least 600 words.
– Original writing.
– The article must be haven’t shown on any press, book, magazine. Personal social media and personal blog are accepted.
– The article have to response full standard requirements when posting on iPub.vn, including:
+ Choose the category “Pandemic diary”
+ The title is not capitalized.
+ The “Short description” does not exceed 50 words, not in bold.
+ Content of the article is fully close to the topic theme.
+ Cover image is large, clear, standard size 1200×628 px.


The total value of prizes is up to 100 million vnd.
– 01 “ Lifetime reading ” prize by the organizer, worth 20 million iXu – equivalent to 20 million VND to buy all ebooks on iPub.vn
– 02 “ Golden Heart ” prizes for the article with the most hearts drop, worth 15 million iXu – equivalent to 15 million VND.
– 03 “ Connect with love ” prize for the most interactive article (view, comment, heart drop), worth 10 million iXu – equivalent to 10 million VND.

Also 100% of the articles participating in the contest are valid will receive 50K iXu – equivalent to 50.000 VND, to buy ebooks on iPub.vn

– For the duplicates prize, BTC will choose the next ranking post to award.
– iXu is not converted into cash.

Follow updates on event’s page.


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