Art event: Leopold Franckowiak – True-self

Art event: Leopold Franckowiak – True-self

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Sat, 23 May 2020, 06 pm – 11:30 pm.
The Gate Lounge & Lifestyle
Main Lobby, Ciputra Club, Hanoi

From the organizer

Since arriving in Vietnam in 2011, the artist, Léopold Franckowiak, has devoted his time almost exclusively to painting on canvas with oils. On his first trip, he stayed in Vietnam for five years before returning to France, and this gave him a completely new perspective on the meaning of “present”. His discussions with Europeans and Vietnamese were often backed up by virtual images, and these pictures were repeated viewed in a similar way to that of the oldest photos in his photo album.

Léopold Franckowiak’s painting plays with this confusion, mixing people and periods, in other words, everything that forms and informs the artist’s “present”. In order to deal with the enrich in communicating due to language, this gives the artist a way to tell stories that blend in with his own experience …

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