Call for Artworks: “Germination” Exhibition

Call for Artworks: “Germination” Exhibition

Deadline: 06 June 2020

From the organizer:

The art exhibition on plants and greenery named “Nảy Mầm” (Germination), attracted a lot of community’s participation and interest, the project would like to announce its return. With this re-export, Germination phase 2 hopes to receive more participation from painters, photographers, sculptors, paradigm artists, … The contributed works will be selected and displayed in the next exhibition show of Germination.

Detailed information about the works participating in Germination 2:

Theme: Still inspired by plants and greenery, besides the author can also approach the topic of children.

Form: Painting, photo, sculpture, …

Specification of composition:
+ Painting and photos: uniform size 30cm x 30cm
+ Sculpture/ paradigm: the longest length of the model is no more than 40cm

– Send the file or photo of the work to [email protected], in the e-mail, specify the author’s namethe title of the workmaterialthe content of the work description

Thank you for your interest in the project. Looking forward to the contributions of the artists!

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