Contemporary Dance – 3 Sessions Workshop

Contemporary Dance – 3 Sessions Workshop

Mon, Wed and Sat 18, 20, 23 May 2020, 07:00 pm – 08:30 pm
Kinergie Studio
An area near the District 1 Botanical Gardens, will inform the participants

From the organizer

“The movement that comes to us is just as natural as the breath. Sometimes we may not notice their existence but they are always rooted there, within ourselves. Then, with contemporary dance, those natural existences seem to become more sensitive, more focused and more conscious. ”

This May, Kinergie is very pleased to introduce to Kin lovers and dance lovers in Saigon a 3 day contemporary dance experience workshop, first held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Using the simple exercises of contemporary dance as a method to express and connect, this workshop will help you to gradually explore body movement, soul, mind, identify and overcome the limits set by yourself as well as dialogue, understanding and engaging with others in a fun, natural and creative way. A path that takes you into a new world where individuals are connected not only through the body, but also with the breath, the mind and the heart.

Tuition: 600k / 3 sessions
Number of students: 10-14 people

Please register đây.

And then transfer to this account:
Account name: Tran Thi Minh Hai
Account number: 19028059692022
Techcombank – Nguyen Thi Dinh branch
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To create an effective workshop space please:
Arrive early 5-10 minutes before training.
Wear comfortable.
Willing to welcome new connections.

About the coordinator: Minh Hai

Knowing contemporary dance and taking the first steps into this path is thanks to Kinergie.
Hai is currently a performing artist, participating in some projects and teaching dance at Kinergie Studio.

After moving to Saigon, with the desire to share more about contemporary dance as well as to find a new community to “waggle” together, I hope this workshop will also be the first steps for a new journey.

About Kinergie:

Kinergie Studio is a dance studio co-founded by dance artist Do Hoang Thi Ngoc and Long Sleepy. Kinergie Studio was founded with the desire to bring Contemporary Dance and Ballet art closer to the community through teaching and performing arts projects. At Kinergie Studio, everyone can experience a true art space, interact, learn and share passion. Besides creating an art playground, Kinergie Studio is also a space to nurture talents for young artists with new and bold art projects and directions.

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