A. Farm Season 3 Open Studio

A. Farm Season 3 Open Studio

20 June 2020, 05 pm – 11 pm
21 June 2020, 10 am – 7 pm
A. Farm
96 / 1 Tan Thoi Nhat 6, D.12, Hochiminh

From the organizer:

A. Farm is pleased to invite you to our Season 3 open-studios featuring the projects developed by our resident artists over the last 4 months. This year has been quite a whirlwind and soon A. Farm will be embarking on a new chapter of its history in another location. It is an auspicious coincidence that our event takes place on a solstice, the highest culmination of the sun just as we have culminated in a 2-year journey of hard work and residents complete their artistic experiments at our space. With incredible resident artists, a programme of special guests, a temporary farewell and a summer solstice at hand we hope that you can all join us for a final gathering in the spirit of A. Farm on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of June 2020.

Season 3 open-studios will feature Nghia Dang’s surgical deconstruction of fantasies and mindscapes with a series of drawings, an immersive installation on the performativity of time by Chu Hao Pei, and Trang Ly’s sonic reflections on urban development and narratives of displacement. Saverio Tonoli’s ongoing explorations of sublime tapestries made of ink and paper will dialogue with Claire Bloomfield semi-digital collages, numerical tapestries of their own. Finally, Yeonjeong and Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, both abroad, will be present through video performances recorded at A. Farm and in Bangkok respectively.

Le Phi Long, artist-in-residence of the Réciprocité programme (Institut français) will also be joining A. Farm’s residents with an installation developed during his stay at la Cité des Arts in Paris.

Of course, as an ongoing tradition 289e artist bar will be taking care of beverages but this time with a literary twist as we turn the kitchen into a poetry corner with works by Mrbambii and writer-in-residence Kayla Kurin.

In memory of Season 1 A. Farm resident and MoT+++ collective member Lananh Le, we will show a full 12-hour screening of one digital painting from her last show. There will also be performances from Kim Trang, Dat Nguyen, and Ian Richter to end the evening. Finally on Sunday we will go for a full-blown midsommar celebration to say goodbye to our space with a solstice livestream, a videoclub featuring 1970s art-house films organised by Tu (Nai Cinema) and Mary (Sàn Art), and sound / dance performances by Doan Toan, Trang Ly and Dat Nguyen.

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