Exhibition: “Emotion of June”

Exhibition: “Emotion of June”

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20 – 22 June 2020, 10 am – 05:30 pm
Fine Art exhibition house
16 Ngô Quyền, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

The monoprint method is one of those special techniques of contemporary art. Unlike most types of duplicated graphic paintings that allow multiple copies to be printed, monoprint create only one unique work from a print surface that cannot be used again the same time as the first time. This technique is more or less similar to the way of painting, which allows artists to expand their creative boundaries with printing techniques but can express emotions directly by drawing, scratching, and wiping on the printed mold. Besides, this printing method also allows artists to use existing objects to create shapes such as leaves, cloth, nylon, even book pages, newspapers depending on the intention of the artist to create art without having to describe by carving, cutting like traditional graphics. It is those indirect materials that have helped this type of printed painting have different values ​​in the forming process.

The main theme for this year’s Monoprint Creation Camp is Still Life and Scenery. With 45 works of 14 authors selected from 198 prints within 12 days of the Monoprint Creation Camp studio that produced this “Emotion of June” exhibition can be considered a more or less convincing result. 14 artists, 14 styles, 14 experiences that are both strange and familiar as being converged and shared in a new emotion. Still lifes, or landscapes through each author’s printing and processing of materials create new appearances. Sometimes it is asymptotic to the boundaries of abstract art. All of them seem like to find within themselves a different breakthrough, from the familiarity to create.

The artists participated in the exhibition

1. Đoàn Thị Thu Hương
2. Đỗ Thúy Hằng
3. Trần Thị Doanh
4. Nguyễn Mạnh Hà
5. Nguyễn Hán Anh
6. Phạm Duy Quỳnh
7. Tạ Huy Long
8. Vũ Mai Thơ
9. Trang Thanh Hiền
10. Nguyễn Thu Thủy
11. Nguyễn Hồng Phương
12. Lê Thị Thu Dung
13. Doãn Hoàng Kiên
14. Vương Linh

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