Exhibition: Musical Painting

Exhibition: Musical Painting

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IF Hanoi

Opening: 19 June 2020, 06 pm
Exhibition: 19 June – 31 Aug 2020
24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

On June 19, 2020, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a performance of “Musical Painting” will be performed by artist Jacob Reymond and clarinet artist Vincent Thomas and an online discussion with artists from France. .

“Some people choose the straight path, others follow the unknown turns.” I belong to the second group. At the age of 16, I started working as a shift worker in a factory … and also started painting. At the age of 17, I was adventuring here and there. At the age of 20, I did my first solo exhibition. After a few years, I retired from painting because I was too hungry to explore other art forms such as theater, music and cinema. More or less, all of them have brought me happiness … During that time, I had the opportunity to meet famous artists and learn a lot.

In the end, I’m back with painting, in a serious way. And because music is my passion, so I’ve always pain with music. And now, I’m painting music.

Free entrance

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