Mutant Onions – Live Electronics

Mutant Onions – Live Electronics

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11 June 2020, 08 pm
273 Âu Cơ, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
Ticket at door: 50,000 VND

From the organizer:

The Onion Cellar x Mutant Lounge = Muntant Onions!

We hope to support Hanoi’s underground electronic artists to collaborate and connect, to listen and learn, to grow and groove… together!

We’re pleased to present live sets from:

Hồ Trâm Anh

Formerly fronting local shoegaze darling The Veranda, Hồ Trâm Anh has since branched out into varied solo incarnations: from classic-4AD goth-tinged requiems to electronic pop songs via spoken-word dronescape.


Lark Minkous

Ambient soundscape artist Lark Minkous performs intimate live electronic tracks created using atmospheric samples and acoustic field recordings. Slowly unfolding patterns subtly revealing themselves, drifting in, out and between peaceful bright harmonies and dark, rich, complex beats.



Poly is a solo project by Đờ Tùng, which revolves around producing layered soundscapes of ambient textures with guitar, beats and samples.


Pilgrim Raid

The cinematic music of Vietnamese producer Pilgrim Raid sounds as if made up of sonic fragments from various Jim Jarmusch films, all meshed into one, in perpetual motion, switching gears from one moment to the next: the zen hip-hop of Ghost Dog, the spacious noir of Mystery Train, the abrasive abstraction of The Limits of Control. This will be Pilgrim Raid’s first ever live appearance.


The Onion Cellar curates and realises projects across non-hierarchical artistic expressions and temperaments, often with an inter-disciplinary outlook, a sense of place and a prominent spirit of play.

Mutant Lounge is Hanoi’s longest running live electronic music collective, and in collaboration with numerous partners, from Rec Room to CAMA ATK, they have hosted local and locally-based artists at a range of venues across the city. Creating a space for genre-free experimentation, welcoming newcomers and first-timers, encouraging analysis and inquiry in a positive, open, non-judgemental environment – these are main aims of Mutant Lounge.

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