Where Did Yesterday Go – Independent Documentary Film Series

Where Did Yesterday Go – Independent Documentary Film Series

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Work by artist Lê Hữu Bảo Phúc
Designed by Châu

Sat 20 June 2020, 06:30 pm
Ơ Kìa Hà Nội – Ơ Kìa at University of Industrial Fine Art
360 Đê La Thành, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

The project screening five short documentaries from film making courses held in Hanoi over the past decade. Departing with the thought of “old”, the series explores intergenerational dialogue around the concepts: old and new, past and present, young and old. Many contemplations as well as queries about time, memories and heritage are opened from cinema – a method of communication for young filmmakers.

The program was initiated and organized by students of the Film Curriculum course of TPD Center, under the framework of “Like the Mooon in a Night Sky”, a series of events revolving around Vietnamese movie industry in the past, present and future.

All films showing at the event feature English subtitles.

Where Did Yesterday Go received support from Ơ Kìa Hanoi, Hanoi Doclab, Ateliers Varan Vietnam and the sponsorship of British Council Vietnam.

Curated team: Nguyen Ngoc Thao Ly and Nguyen Phuong Thao

*The name of a poem by the poet Be Kien Quoc


* 18h30: Welcome guests
* 19h00: Film screening
* 20h30: Small talk with filmmaker/ producer Tran Phuong Thao and artist/ curator Nguyen Quoc Thanh; Moderator: director Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Movie list:

* For Mr. Điều, Nguyễn Hiền Anh, 2015, TPD, 23 mins
The life of an educated old man translates books and teaches English to children daily.

* Grandma, Phạm Mai Phương, 2010, Hanoi Doclab, 9 mins
Grandmother is mother’s mother. Grandma is a friend. The 90-year-old grandmother and the 25-year-old niece play together and find joy and sharing in that friendship.

* Thanh Cong village in Thanh Cong ward, Phan Thị Vàng Anh, 2004, Ateliers Varan, 33 mins
The daily scene of the working people in an old ward in Hanoi, where people are repairing power lines and installing new loudspeakers.

* 1953’s File, Nguyễn Thủy Tiên, 2013, Hanoi Doclab, 10 mins
A girl seeking evidence of her existence in the photos of an important man.

* Why is Binh not married?, Phạm Minh Hà, 2015, TPD, 20 mins
A single woman who is about to go over the age of getting married makes her family and neighbors gossip around.

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