Music Show: Sound Check 1 2 3

Music Show: Sound Check 1 2 3

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Sun 26 July 2020, 07:30 pm
Hanoi Rock City
27/52 Tô Ngọc Vân, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
Special guest: Bluemato

From the organizer:

Soundcheck is the first and the most important part of a show. It is also the most interesting part where you can see the final preparations of your favorite artist; all the songs, tricks and efforts they will put on the show.

“Soundcheck 1 2 3” will be the show officially marked the return of The Children after social distancing is over. Come and join us on 26 July at Hanoi Rock City for an experience you cannot leave out!!

Tickets information:

Ticket price: 200.000 VND

Standard tickets sale is open here

You can also buy them at:

1. LP Club – 34 Xom Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
2. Bụi Store – 107E5, Trung Tu Tenement, Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da, Hanoi
3. tà tà cafe – 3 Ly Dao Thanh, Hoan Kiêem, Hanoi

About The Children

Being in the Hanoi rock scene for 5 years, The Children have proved that they are one of the most steadily grown band. Each member of the band have an unique taste of music, and they bring their own styles and mix them into a wide range of music – punk, alternative, indie, and even some pop songs.
Every song in their discography have their own cinematic feels, in which express their thoughts and feelings about every aspect of life, just like the way children find themselves a path to grow up and perceive the outer world.

About special guest Bluemato

Bluemato is a special band in Hanoi. Choosing the non-flashy way, they become an important part of Hanoi rock scene with extremely unique colors. Their music bring surprises to their audiences with influences from J-rock, fluently mix with Vietnamese traditional sounds to create iconic, liberal melodies.
As they announced to release their debut album “Gió Thổi Mạnh” (The Wind Blowing Strong), Bluemato will surely bring a lot of energy and surprise performance to Soundcheck 1 2 3.

Follow updates on event’s page.

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