Exhibition: “Color of The Past”

Exhibition: “Color of The Past”

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28 Aug – 06 Sep 2020, 07 am – 11 pm
Rue Du Camp
50 Tràng Thi, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Not only a cafe or bistro, Rue Du Camp also wants to be a meeting point of memories. We have food, stories, antiques, old music tapes, … and this time, we will bring in art from the last century.

“Color of The Past” is an event displaying 20 works of the second generation of artists of modern Vietnamese Fine Arts, the generation of Nghiem – Lien – Sang – Phai. These are works that were born 50 years ago, on the painting materials that flourished in this period: from pencil, oil paint, lacquer to color chalks and silk, …

You will see portraits of faces from the olden days, scenes and objects that have gone back into the past (rice break scene, oil lamp, …). The colors are deep, muted but courteous, like whispering stories from the past.

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