Hey, you are here

Hey, you are here

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Opening: Fri 04 Sep 2020, 06 pm – 09 pm
Exhibition: 04 – 15 Sep 2020
The Hummingbird Cafe
5H, Ton Duc Thang, D1, Ho Chi Minh City

From the organizer:

The Hummingbird Cafe warmly invites you to view Lien Pham’s Hey, you are here, an installation made from photographic prints on transparent tape.

Lien Pham has built her collage from images, making a solid wall out of moments that have passed: screenshots of somber conversations from fleeting relationships in the international student’s ever-changing life. Transparent tape is used to mend these fragments of scattered memories into a saturated whole that shines with light. Her life is rolled out before us: a genuine landscape of overlapping time and space. The words in the screenshots either mention Paris, Boston, or Ho Chi Minh city, but they are contradicted by the mobile network logos at the top. Each and every sentence from these conversations remain legible, and perhaps they read sad; but as a part of the patchwork, they are equally beautiful pieces of memory, commemorated by the artist.

At the same time, this ambiguous landscape is present in her transitory physical environment. Next to the temporary dorm life of early sunsets by a single bed raised up with drawers and suitcases underneath, sentiments from relationships maintained online feel more real than ever. Now, all is crystal clear, giving way to a more conscious vision of reality.

To ensure the health and safety of our community, The Hummingbird Cafe takes a maximum occupancy of 20 guests at once. To ensure this number, please kindly register to join our event. You will receive a confirmation email from us.

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