Vietnam Photo Expression 2020 by UNESCO

Vietnam Photo Expression 2020 by UNESCO

10 Aug – 01 Nov 2020


UNESCO in partnership with the German Embassy in Hanoi, organizes Vietnam Photo Expression 2020 “Showing we care, Sharing our vision on Culture Diversity” that aims to highlight the beauty of cultural heritage and culture creativity in Viet Nam.
Individuals are invited to submit photos (maximum 5 photos per person) they have taken in Viet Nam. Submissions of photos are called in following categories:
– Landscapes of heritage sites and monuments
– Cultural transmission from generation to generation
– Arts and Creativity
– Harmony of people and nature

The applicants are encouraged to take into account the core UN principles of culturally sensitivity and diversity, gender equality, human rights and environment sustainability in their process of taking and selecting photos for submissions.

How to submit your photos

Step 1: The applicants access the official website, then select Vietnamese or English version for their process of registering and selecting photos for submissions.

Step 2: The applicants select the Entry Form button to create a new account for registration. Upon successful registration, an email will be automatically sent to the applicants in order to inform the contest rules and how to submit their photos.

Step 3: The applicants click the Photo Upload button to submit their photos. Individuals are invited to submit photos (maximum 5 photos per person) they have taken in Viet Nam. When submitting photos, please note that photo details must include the following: Name of individuals in photos (if any), Photo location, Photo date (month and year), Photo content (no more than 200 words for each). The applicants can log out and log back in to continue uploading photos on the website.

Entry rules

– The campaign is open to all, professional and amateur, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Entrants under 18 years of age require the permission of a parent or guardian By entering this photo campaign, entrants under 18 years of age indicate that they have
obtained the permission of a parent or guardian.

– The photo must be taken recently (after 01 January 2019) can be either color, black and white, be taken with professional equipment, phone, or film cameras scanned to digital format, has not yet submitted to any other photo contest.

– The photos must meet the following specifications:
+ Upload images with the original pixel size. Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
+ Must be uploaded in JPEG format without a watermark, with high quality compression. We will use winning images for high quality reproduction.

– The applicants must ensure their full copyright to the submitted photos.

– If the photo contains the identical image of individual(s) (eg. Portrait), the photographer needs to ensure that individual’s consent before submitting to UNESCO.

– Photos which have been technically altered to change the content, structure and/or nature of the photograph will be not accepted.

– People with disabilities and ethnic minorities background are encouraged to participate to this campaign.

Honours and awards

The final photographs will be chosen by UNESCO upon the recommendations of a panel of judges.

The winners will receive among the following awards and honours:
– Three Top Awards equivalent up to 1,000USD value for each of the top winners;
– Honour certificate of prize winner offered by UNESCO for the top 20 winners;
– Have their photos exhibited at relevant key UNESCO events and functions, for instance, the Viet Nam Design and Creativity Festival events in 2020
– Have their photos published in relevant UNESCO publications in Viet Nam with full credit and honour of the Author.


The closing date for submitting photos is 23:59 pm (Ha Noi time GMT+7) on Sunday 01 November 2020. Any photographs received after this time will not be eligible for selection. Winners will be announced by 15 November 2020.

Important Note:

UNESCO reserves the right to decline any submissions that fail to meet the aforementioned rules; and to reproduce, publish and publicly communicate the selected photographs, and use them within non-profit purposed materials such as exhibitions, online UNESCO and UN platforms and social media, leaflets, catalogues and calendars. Author names and copyright will be fully credited in all cases.

For further information regarding Vietnam Photo Expression 2020 “Showing we care, Sharing our vision on Culture Diversity”, please contact via Email: [email protected]

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