Exhibition “In the Garden”

Exhibition “In the Garden”

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Opening: Tues 13 Oct 2020, 05:30 pm
Exhibition: 13 Oct – 02 Nov 2020
Hanoi Studio Gallery
13 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Hidden behind each foliage of dots, lines, blocks is the nature of Nguyen The Hung.

A dreamy nature.

The magic of dots is pushed above and beyond. Hung’s tiny dots no longer carry a “muted color” to give a repetitive impression of atoms, confusing the eyes. Now they glow and absorb light by the gradation and metallic luster of silver in the background of the artwork surface. The gradation and blank spaces in his collection create a space where dark and light colors coexist naturally.

The sturdy and rational triangular and quadrilateral pieces of slices whimsically touch each other, opening up another dimension for our vision and perception. A more abstract space for imagination.

In this collection, the artist seems to restrain from details and sets of figures compared to his previous collections, which leaves some air for his garden.

And still dotted eyes – like leafy eyes, the artist’s eyes, and our figures are somewhere behind the canopy, in that garden.

The garden of dusky memories.
The garden of harmony where we lean on nature.
The garden of tranquility and enlightenment about a human’s life.

Hanoi Studio Gallery is delighted to introduce the latest collection called “In the Garden” by artist Nguyen The Hung, bringing us to emotional fantasy worlds of nature and human.

Below are the recent collections of artist Nguyen The Hung for the past 3 years:

“Realm of the Clouds” – presented by Hanoi Studio Gallery in early 2017;
“Land of Lost Wanderers” – presented by Hanoi Studio Gallery in late 2018.
And “Another Land” – presented by Salomon Arts Gallery in NYC early 2019.

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