Value – New familiar things

Value – New familiar things

Opening: Mon 05 Oct 2020, 04 pm
Exhibition: 05 – 11 Oct 2020
Room C101, Vietnam Fine Arts University
42 Yết Kiêu, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Within more than 2 short weeks of the photography course, 38 students of K60 in the Fine Art Department had the opportunity to grasp the fairly basic knowledge of the history of Photography in general as well as roles of “Fine Art Photography” in the history of art over the past 100 years. The concept of “Fine Art photo” or “Artistic photography” was quite popular in Vietnam before 1954. The first National Exhibition of “Fine Art photo” took place in 1952 at the City Opera House when the integration and harmony of European culture into Vietnam in this period took place very strongly. Only after 1954, the practice of “Fine Art Photography” in the North was partially interrupted due to the lack of specific material and facilities conditions, the other part was being caught up in the flow of war documentary photography and propaganda of realistic Socialism. Until today, when the international integration in Vietnam has taken place quite vigorously in almost every fields, the practice of “Fine Art photography” in Vietnamese contemporary art is still almost negligible.

Along with the development of contemporary art, fine art photography has gradually been repositioned in educational curriculum of Visual Art schools and has become increasingly popular in the world since the 70s onwards, step by step, affirming its important position in the history of art in comparison with other medium that have been around much longer. With that concept, in this short photography workshop, the students have made the effort to select and practice one of the diverse and ever-expanding forms of artistic photography.

A workshop with the keyword “Value” with the younger generation’s reflections on the ceaseless events and fluctuations of the times is a starting point as well as a connecting point of all the works in this exhibition. Each work with the stories behind is the confession, they are pure but also very serious thoughts on personal and social issues before a seemingly uncertain future still lying ahead.

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