The Play: “The Exception and the Rule”

The Play: “The Exception and the Rule”

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04, 18 Nov and 02, 16 Dec 2020, 08 pm
ATH Tây Hồ
21, Alley 12/2/5 Đặng Thai Mai, Tây Hồ
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From the organizer:

ATH – Drama and Arts Space presents the play The Exception and the Rule, written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by Quentin Delorme.

Written in 1929 – 1930, The Exception and the Rule is a short Lehrstück (learning-play) focusing on the theme of social justice. On a journey across the Jahi Desert, the four main characters represent different social classes. Tragedy unfolds when class differences manifest, and justice becomes a farce.

Directed by French director Quentin Delorme, The Exception and the Rule combines drama and improvisation theatre. Actors are both themselves and characters on stage. The audience will perhaps wonder constantly whether they are watching a play, an improvisation show or a chaotic rehearsal.

The play also challenges the actors and the director’s creativity and flexibility, since the audience is invited to change some elements of the stage and the actors’ performance. This idea of audience participation makes each show different from the others. This is also how Quentin Delorme and his troupe choose to build Brecht’s epic theatre.

Number of participants: limited to 40 seats per night.

Plot lines

The play tells the story of a rich merchant who must cross the fictional Yahi Desert to close an oil deal. The journey, which he undertook with his carrier, revealed the differences between two social classes. As the merchant became increasingly afraid of the desert and the fact that there were no police nearby to protect him, his brutality grew.


A graduate of the internationally-renowned drama school Cours Florent in France, Quentin Delorme began his creative work in theater at a young age and won the Paris Young Talent Prize when he was 24. He has worked as a stage director in France, Morocco, Italy, and Vietnam. His theatre, as a part of a contemporary movement and a perpetual research, centers on the rules of theatre. Trained in drama and improvisation, he is inspired to mix these two disciplines in his works.

Briefly about the organizer

Since 2013, ATH – Drama and Arts Space has been offering arts courses and programming cultural events in different art forms and languages for children and adults. Endorsed by the French Embassy in Vietnam, ATH offers every French, English or Vietnamese speaking individual from the age of 4 the opportunity to discover or rediscover their creativity through regular practice of theatre, dance, music and arts and crafts.

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