Contemporary Dance: Intrastorm

Contemporary Dance: Intrastorm


Sun 06 Dec 2020, 07:30 pm
Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
27 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

From Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam:

IntraStorm is a collaborative project between 1648kilomet and The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, with the support of T-group, The Core production, Navigator Studio, and Meraki Saigon.

As the name of the work IntraStorm – hurricanes sweeping away all human knowledge about natural disasters and epidemics, our art director-choreographer Vu Ngoc Khai shares a perspective on life’s origin, integrity and magnitude hidden in a small seed. Inspired from what happened in 2020, he frankly mentions the relationship between humans and Mother Earth.

Will humanity be held accountable for the destruction of nature, or is everything in a samsara? Acting like they are saving the Earth, in fact, humans are merely saving themselves. No one is irrelevant when humans have satisfied their thirst for pleasure at the cost of diseases and natural disasters. Anyone can save themselves, save humanity by changing small habits in everyday life.

Besides, IntraStorm (the image of a stone thrown on the lake surface forming concentric circles) also mentions the importance of the bond between family members, parents’ role in nurturing and loving children properly. The prejudice about success and happiness in modern society has turned humans into robots and zombies, making them lose their empathy ability and gradually forget how to connect with true compassion.

Through contemporary dance language combining with live music and visual arts, IntraStorm offers audience a colorful outdoor art space. The audience will be guided through different levels of emotions when their inner little happy choice is touched; burst to tears by Mother Nature’s enduring patience for humans; enjoy the simplicity of staying focused to the present moment.

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Tickets can be booked online for free from 01 Dec 2020.

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Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam
27 Quang Trung Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Tel: 3944 7419

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