Online Voting: Designed by Vietnam 2020

Online Voting: Designed by Vietnam 2020

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02 – 15 Nov 2020
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From Vietnam Design Week 2020 :

The “Designed by Vietnam” Contest with the theme of “Regeneration”, within the framework of the Vietnam Design Week 2020 event, will officially start on a national scale from July 17th until the end of August 28th, 2020. Under the lead 5 experts in 05 areas: Food & Beverage – Living – Fashion – Souvenir – Public Art, contestants will get many opportunities to connect and learn to create “regenerated” products of high design value.

“Regeneration” has always been a commonly known concept in all design fields. Since the beginning of imagination, people have always dreamed of renewing, making the best use of the old values and promoting the sustainable development process in all industries exploiting natural resources that impact on the living environment.

In the context of the world facing Covid-19 pandemic, the desire for a good future and sustainable development is more intense than ever. “Regeneration” is believed to be a huge creative inspiration for all designer contestants. The contest wants to change the mindset of using materials at the economical and optimal level – based on the available materials to design and create new products for daily uses, aiming for a sustainable development.

Contest process:

– Application round (July 17th to August 28, 2020): receiving entries
– Preliminary round (September and October 2020): The judge will select 20 designs for the final round and collaborate with the contestants to put the designs into prototyping.
– Final round (November 01st to 22nd, 2020): exhibit and review final products during the event of Vietnam Design Week 2020.
– Online voting (November 01st to November 15th, 2020): 20 designs selected for the final round will be published in the online poll on website.


Bamboo Paper Woodcut
By Kiều Thắng

Playground For A Tourist Area of Dao Ethnic
By Nguyễn Tiêu Quốc Đạt, Chu Kim Đức (Think Playgrounds)

Recycle Old Car For A Play Space
By Nguyễn Tiêu Quốc Đạt, Vũ Văn Kỳ, Vũ Doãn Cảnh, Chu Kim Đức (Think Playgrounds)

Giao Thoa
By Lê Quỳnh Thi

The Folding Buffet
By Nguyễn Khánh Linh

Phan 4.0
By Bùi Nguyễn Gia Bảo

By Phạm Phan Hoàng Linh

By Nguyễn Trần Ưu Đàm

By Lê Minh Dương, Trần Thiện Hiếu

Be Still – Be Now
By Trần Thảo Miên, Nguyễn Linh Chi, Trịnh Linh (Phường Son Collective)

By Trần Thị Thảo

By Trần Phát Thuận

Small Bamboo Lamp
By Nguyễn Thế Hùng

When Materials Speak
By Nguyễn Thái Hoàng

Tray Lighting
By Lê Thanh Vũ

New Life – Old Memories
By Diego Cortizas del Valle

Mã Lạc
By Nguyễn Thành Nam

Loofah Bag
By Trần Thị Kim Ngân

Compressed Tea Packaging
By Nguyễn Hoàng Giang, Nguyễn Đình Thiên Ý

A Fairy Tale
By Đặng Văn Phúc

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