Diviners Fest 2020 – Conscious Celebration, Heals the World

Diviners Fest 2020 – Conscious Celebration, Heals the World

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20 – 21 Nov 2020, 08 am – 09 pm
Happy Land Tourist Area
Thanh Duc Commune – Ben Luc District – Long An Province
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From Diviners Viet Nam:

Diviner Fest is an annual event of Diviners Vietnam, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the energy of Festival & Healing to people and the world through the combination of Arts & Meditation. November 20 is the traditional day of the organization. Every year on this day, we dedicate our pure Festive energy with the biggest event of the year, Diviners Fest. Through this event, we want to remind everyone that, we need Freedom, we need Healing and we need to live in pure Festival, unconditional, independent. That is the true life of spiritual souls. The event is a non-profit cooperation and resource sharing from like-minded friends with the desire to create a space that brings energy to the Festival and Healing to the public.

Diviners Fest is not meant to be a mere event, but this is the Awakening Festival, which is a combination of special activities, creative experiences of Art, Music, Transformation, Lifestyle. This year’s event is aimed at “Awakened Artists” in a festive space at Happy Land Tourist Area.

Diviners Fest welcomes all those awakened to the same place, people of different color, age, nationality but are walking on their own path to enlightenment. You can imagine a space with a large stage and surrounding stalls, colorful and festive atmosphere. On the stage, the Awakened Artists are performing with pure soul combined with the intellectual flow from the Masters’ sharings about Awakening Lifestyle.

Diviners Fest is an eco-friendly event. All organizational activities, participating booths, communication and event equipment will be used responsibly to minimize negative impacts.

Diviners Fest is a non-profit community event. All funding for the event comes entirely from co-organizing partners. The participating Artists do not have to pay any fee when participating in the event. We will help you with travel expenses from HCMC and living expenses during the event with all respect.

We welcome all resource contributions and information sharing from you so that this meaningful program can spread to your friends and awakened artists in Hanoi and HCMC.

For any information regarding the proposed cooperation, companionship, program support, please contact our coordinator directly!
Janet – 0983 521 616 – [email protected]

Follow updates on event’s page.

Diviners Viet Nam
0983 521 616
[email protected]
Address: B 36-03, Hoang Anh Thanh Binh Building, D4 street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City


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