Exhibition “Illusion”

Exhibition “Illusion”

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28 Nov – 06 Dec 2020
Lê Bá Đảng and Điềm Phùng Thị Art Foundation
15 Lê Lợi, Vĩnh Ninh, Huế

From thê organizer:

Illusion is the name of the latest art project of Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai, a pair of twin artists originally from Quang Binh province, but living and working in the city of Hue for the past 20 years. Illusion is not a separate project, but belongs to a series of artistic conceptual stations created by the Le twins over the years on major topics: Violence, History, Connections, and placing them in the thought realm formed by the constant collision of real life.

Illusion, the most recent series of reflections, initially called ‘the sorrow of war’ but rapidly develops to encompass a broader meaning, or adopt an approach looking more at the depth, that talks about the connotation of violence across historical layers and ‘disassemble’ – placing them in contexts of dialogue with contemporary material and awareness, and holds the potential to transform into a variety of visual arts and multimedia languages.

This exhibition showcases 19 paintings and 4 large ceramic jars, marking the first stop of a long-term project. The paintings are processed using lacquer painting techniques, yet do not depend too much on traditional techniques but combine many methods and natural and industrial materials to create the ultimate visual effect. Ceramic jars are another experiment of flat surface painting on a 3-dimensional object in the series of work, maintaining the consistency of the visual language of the paintings, but still hinting the majestic independence of The Nine Tripod Cauldrons – collection of regional landscapes and products in the feudal cultural background.

Going beyond the boundary of restrictive practices based on art form such as painting or pottery bound by mechanical manipulations on a material basis, ‘Illusion’ shows a performance of thinking with disagreements, ambiguity, questions, and reflections of two individuals reflected back and forth, and art is the end result. The continuity of the idea is developed in a reciprocal contradiction of the argument in a particular way of the Le twins, which does not see this series of work as final, but which provides possibilities for transition to various modes of expression, both material and conceptual, to create more layered combinations of scenery and light, violence and dominance, lurking concepts and fuzzy formations, glorious past and devastating present.

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