SoloMarathon2020 No. 5: Fragments

SoloMarathon2020 No. 5: Fragments

Fri 27 Nov 2020, 06:30 pm
Á Space
Lane 59 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Á Space and Nguyễn Họa My warmly invite you to our first performance of Fragments and opening party from our artist #SoloMarathon No.5 – Nguyễn Họa My
06:30 pm – Opening party
08 pm – Perform
09 pm – Artist talk
Note: The event has limited seats, and is for invitees only

About the drama:

Fragments is a contemporary drama inspired from different excerpts by screenwriter Fernando Pessoa. The drama is a journey that began from human’s souls. It reflects our generation, times when everything gradually falls apart, and people live with fragments of a whole and skim through the surface of all things. The drama stars only three characters: two individuals who are lost in their own essence with ragged souls, trying to put pieces of their conscience out of their destiny, and an incapable god – a symbol of a collapsed spiritual life.

The drama is also an expedition for four artists in the theatre world, an experiment of different acting techniques – Lecoq, Chekhov, Meyerhold – and using a stage exception (an art space instead of a theatre). The work is highly interactive, where the performers and the audience both participate in creating the final work. To form structure, the performance group will pick excerpts with long dialogue, with difficult and hard-to-comprehend philosophy as a challenge: to push the audience to the need of understanding and appreciating the drama through stage designs and acting skills.

Moreover, she picks the form of designing short scenes, following the style of an intimate stage where the line between the actors and the audience is erased. Hence, the audience is placed as the fourth creator on stage.

About the artist:

Họa My started working in the theatre profession in 2015, when she began studying traditional and improvised drama with director Quentin Delorme. Ever since, she has performed for a variety of audience in Hanoi in French and Vietnamese. She is also the editor, who adapted many dramas into Vietnamese.

From 2017, she started collaborating with other artists from a range of artistic pursuits: music, performance, visual, circus drama to experiment with new materials on stage. In 2018, she joined a network of youth theatre in Asia and became an active member of the organization. In 2019, not only did she screenwrite and direct a non-verbal play for children but she also starred in her own drama.

Besides, Họa My co-founded ViPlayBack troupe. ViPlayBack is where My and other members in her troupe experiment with different stage techniques through Playback Theatre.

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