Đào Châu Hải – THINH

Đào Châu Hải – THINH

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17 – 20 Jan 2021, 09:30 am – 08 pm (one day only)
Manzi Art Space
No. 2 ngõ Hàng Bún, Ba Đình, Hà Nội.

From the organizer:

You are cordially invited to visit and meet artist Dao Chau Hai in ‘THINH’ – a pop-up showcase to present a new experiment of site-specific sculpture at Manzi Art Space.


THINH extracts from the word ‘Thing không’ in Vietnamese – means ‘emptiness’ – also pronounces similar to the word ‘thing’ in English – means an object. This is the start to reflect on the personal fate in life reincarnation of artist Dao Chau Hai, from which to develop that new sculpture series in order to represent appearances of emptiness. This hint might be an inspiration from the oriental Buddhist spirit that’s so called “All things are void” – the thought of acknowledging that all materiality comes from nothing and returns to nothing.

Dao Chau Hai presents a new expression in sculpture that’s grown from single-linear flat metal plates converting into an installation of three-dimension figures that’s capable of adapting to various physical spaces. This style of work is both familiar and unfamiliar to people and friends who followed his artistic practices for years. It’s no longer being a solitary cube that containing internal pressure and ability to oppress eyes of viewers, but this new series of Dao Chau Hai opens up a dialogue between the concreteness and hollowness inside the physical body of an art piece. This sculpture installation is also divided into multiple modules in various dimension that still represent the main concept. The new work not only shows the latest experiment in his artistic long career, but also reflects the artist’s influence and obsession with metal and industrial aesthetics, his ambitious in technology or space, the inspiration of modern architecture that overwhelmed in thoughts with full of contradictions, doubt or helplessness between the aspiration to pursue the art and the real limitations.

Computer design layout: Alliance Architecture Company (Hanoi, Vietnam). Realized by the Metal Workshop of Thanh Tien Limited Company (Hanoi, Vietnam). Installation plan initiated by visual designer Pham Dam Ca and curator Nguyen Anh Tuan.

This event is generously supported by Vietnam Art House (The Haque, Netherlands) and Indochina Art (Hanoi, Vietnam).

For more information about the showcase and work, please contact: +84 90 341 8198 or [email protected] (Mr. Đào Châu Hải).

About sponsors:

Vietnam Art House (hereinafter referred to as VAH for short) is an art space displaying artworks by contemporary Vietnamese artists.

In 2000, Vietnam Art House was founded by Jim Broens and Hanh Do who are both frequent visitors to Vietnam over the last 20 years. VAH accompanies Vietnamese artists in bringing art to the living space, inspiring and enriching spiritual life for friends who love international art. The artists we present have innovative creative minds, unique art practices, distinctive and constructive artistic perspectives for social life. Vietnam Art House is located in The Hague (the Netherlands) and sponsored by Vietnam Consult & Trading (VCT).

Initiated by renowned artists and experts, Indochine Art is a pioneer company in developing art business in Vietnam. Indochine Art is a convenient, trustworthy and potential place for domestic and international artists, art collectors and art lovers. Working with many artists in all regions of Vietnam, Indochine Art is also a professional partner in implementing large-scale art projects, in order to serve the need of arts in public buildings and spaces, contributing to improving the spiritual and cultural values of the Vietnamese society.


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