Fine Art Exhibition: Engraving Paintings

Fine Art Exhibition: Engraving Paintings

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23 Dec 2020 – 27 Feb 2021
Lunet Art Galerie
Pan Pacific Hotel
No. 1 Thanh Niên, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

After the success of three exhibitions: “Son ta Voc Viet” (Vietnamese paint Vietnamese material), “Portrait of Artist – Sculptor Ta Quang Bao” and exhibition “Lacquer painting – Expressionism and Abstractionism”, to continue to complete the mission of building and developing sustainably of Vietnam Fine Arts, Lunet Art has collected and curated the best engraving paintings of three talented artists:

Artist Trần Nguyên Đán

Artist Tran Nguyen Dan’s paintings both have expressions but are also abstract, even surreal and always have something very ethnic. The way he handled the array of colors, interlocking details to create space, a very specific expression bearing the colors of Vietnamese culture, imbued with the Vietnamese soul.

It is true that art critic Phan Cam Thuong once said: “The engraving paintings by painter Tran Nguyen Dan always suggest something that reminds people of Dong Ho paintings, Hang Trong paintings, Kim Hoang paintings but it has a distinctive feature, a diverse and concise writing style”.

Artist Lê Mai Khanh

Talented and humble, emotional and rational, loving and strict, warm and unsteady, She – a strange artist, quietly deleted pictures of herself, even her portraits by the person she loves the most – painter Nguyen Vinh painted, She also deleted it. I call it is her self-portrait.
And perhaps, that is how people imagine the artist, they will no longer see her image, they can only “feel” the artist Mai Anh in the artwork which is left.

Artist Phạm Khắc Quang

Pham Khac Quang is one of the most acclaimed artists, contributing to national graphic art with progressive approach.
With diligent and meticulous accumulations, creative application on diverse material, artists on the edge of the digital age produce graphic artworks – the ripe fruit of lifetime dedication – from perpetual creative process and experiments.

The colors of Vietnamese culture, imbued with Vietnamese souls in artist Tran Nguyen Dan.
The classical and academic expressions of world painting are contained in the artworks of artist Le Mai Khanh.
And the transformation steps, creations, ways to explore new expressive language in art by artist Pham Khac Quang.
These excellent artworks will gather in an art exhibition titled Engraving Paintings. The exhibition aims to introduce to the art community the history of art in the field of graphics in general and engraving art in particular, with the faces of artists who lived and composed at different historical times, so that the community can have an overview and insight about Vietnamese graphic arts.

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