Finest Organizers Nominees: Manzi Art Space

Finest Organizers Nominees: Manzi Art Space


Manzi Art Space
Independent art space

Founded in : 2012

Years of operation : 08 years

Remarkable activities/projects in 2020 : Various art events and activities including exhibitions, artist residency program, talks, performances, movie screenings, art fair, namely “Extended Realities” Exhibition, “Xem Đêm – Càng Đêm” – A light art installation, Landscape #4: How to Improve the World – A Sound & Video Installation by Nguyễn Trinh Thi, Hanoi 1967–1975 – Photo exhibition by Thomas Billhardt; Artist Residency Programme 2020, Art For You 13 art fair, “Isolation Journal” – A film screening and concert, “Refraction” – A cine-concert; ‘If Known Tell, If Not Tell Fortune’ – an interactive play by Tra Nguyen, “Pas de deux” – A cine-concert

Manzi Art Space: Art For You

Evaluation from Hanoi Grapevine: Manzi Art Space is an independent contemporary art space founded in 2012. With its aim to develop into a diverse space for various contemporary art forms and promoting knowledge and cultural exchange, Manzi has collaborated with many domestic and foreign artists, intellectuals and multidisciplinary scholars, art and cultural organizations and centers in Vietnam. It organizes various art activities including exhibitions, talks, workshops, book launch events, screenings. Manzi currently has 2 locations: Manzi Art Space, Cafe & Art Store at 14 Phan Huy Ich, Manzi Exhibition Space & Studio for artist residency at 2 Hang Bun Alley, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest aims to become an annual honoring event, organized and selected by Hanoi Grapevine, Pro-active Audience Network (PAN) and the audience community. The event seeks to honor individuals, organizations, projects and activities whose work in the creative arts has had an impact on the community, in order to foster artistic development, promote media coverage and further the influence of arts and culture on the community in a broader and more meaningful manner.

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