Finest Project Nominees: Schubert in a Mug

Finest Project Nominees: Schubert in a Mug

From left > right: Hoàng Mạnh Lâm (oboe), Hoàng Hồ Thu (piano), Nguỵ Hải An (SiaM Manager), Patcharaphan Khumprakob (viola), Phan Đỗ Phúc (cello)
Ảnh: Tuấn Minh

Schubert in a Mug

About project: Schubert in a Mug (SiaM) is a classical music project initiated by cellist Phan Do Phuc in August, 2020. SiaM includes a series of performances combined with talk/conversation with audience. The show is organised twice a month in small and medium size venues, with the aim to create an intimate, cozy atmosphere where artists and audience share their love, curiosity and stories for classical music. In 2020, SiaM has organized 07 concerts with the following themes: SiaM vol. 1: A Montage; SiaM vol. 2: The First Viennese School; SiaM vol. 3: La Belle Époque; SiaM vol. 4: From The Foreign Lands.

Thu and Jubjib in SiaM vol. 1: A Montage at Tranquil Book & Cafe
Lâm, Thu and Phúc in SiaM vol. 2: The First Viennese School at Tranquil Book & Cafe
Thu and Lâm in SiaM vol. 2: The First Viennese School at Tranquil Book & Cafe.
Photo: Đặng Vũ Đức

Art form: Music

Duration: 09/2020

Organizer: cellits Phan Đỗ Phúc, pianist Hoàng Hồ Thu, violist Patcharaphan Khumprakob, oboist Hoàng Mạnh Lâm, with Ngụy Hải An as event coordinator and communications manager.

Activities: Concerts and talks

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