Art tour with Bill Nguyễn & Vân Đỗ

Art tour with Bill Nguyễn & Vân Đỗ

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Sat 24 Apr 2021, 03 pm – 05 pm
The Factory Contemporary Art Centre
15 Nguyễn Ư Dĩ, Thảo Điền, D.2, HCMC

From the organizer:

‘Within’, ‘between’, ‘beneath’, ‘upon’ are not only four verbs that refer to differing artistic gestures, but also four ways of thinking about the relationship between objects. Moreover, four of these verbs form the backbone for the curators to conceive the exhibition, as well as a way to suggest how our visitors can dig deeper into the practice of ‘sculpture’ – exploring the artist’s influences and inspirations.

In this tour for Within / Between / Beneath / Upon, the curators will use the title of this exhibition to guide audiences in how to open up more thoughtful conversations about the definition of sculpture as a material and artistic practice, in order to express the concerns and inspirations of the artists in this exhibition – Richard Streitmatter-Trần, Lê Hiền Minh, Thảo Nguyên Phan (with a special display dedicated to the late Modernist sculptor Điềm Phùng Thị).

Language: Vietnamese
Attending fee:
+ Adult: 130,000đ (pre-purchase online) | 150,000đ (purchase at-door)
+ Inner Circle member/ Student: 40,000đ (please bring your card)
+ Buy ticket online here

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